Levin: Obama is Embracing a ‘Real Live Current Day Police State’ in Cuba

By Staff | July 2, 2015 | 4:38pm EDT

( Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin said on Thursday that by reestablishing diplomatic relations with Cuba, President Obama is “embracing a real live current day police state".

Responding to the president’s recent statement on Cuba, Levin commented that “Obama is a throwback. He’s regressive. Centralized government is the past. Enlightened free will, liberty, independence for the individual, individual sovereignty, that’s the future!”

Here is a transcript of what Levin said: 

Obama: “Another put it bluntly: You can’t hold the future of Cuba hostage to what happened in the past.” 

Levin: “Now let’s stop. Really? What happened in the past? Did you know Cuba still has political prisoners and they still torture them? And now and then people are executed, they just don’t show up for work or don’t join their families again. Did you know that?

"Is that in the past, or is that in the present? No. That’s right now. 

“Do you know the Castros are among the biggest drug traffickers in our hemisphere? That’s happening right now. But you know, this is Obama, you’re seeing things through the lens of a committed Alinskyite. And he’s celebrated. 

“Did you hear the news on this? A historic first! Well if he stuck his finger in an electrical outlet, that would be a historic first, too. So what? It’s a historic first! Right, because every president before him since the late 1950s and early '60s thought better of this! 

“This wasn’t some great accomplishment. Obama gave them everything they wanted. He’s gonna help fund this police state with his corporate crony capitalists, and of course the liberals - they like to go on tours, they like to see the Potemkin villages that are all built. ‘Oh, look at that! Look at that! Hey, their hospitals are better than ours!’

"Oh, yeah, right! Sure! That’s why Castro never gets an operation in Cuba.”

Obama: “A choice between the future and the past.”

Levin: “Oh, the future and the past. Obama is a throwback. He’s regressive. Centralized government is the past. Enlightened free will, liberty, independence for the individual, individual sovereignty, that’s the future! 

“So what’s all this communist claptrap that they’re the future and we’re the past? No of course, until it comes to the Confederate flag, then we’re stuck in the past, we’re going to drag the past to the future.  We’re gonna wave it around, we’re gonna make you look at it, we’re gonna wrap you in it, we’re never gonna stop talking about it!

“So we have the Confederate flag. Now slavery has been over a little while. Oh yes it has. The Civil War has been over a little while, but Obama can’t stop talking about the Confederate flag. Neither can his left wing armies.

 “But we have a real live genocidal state, police state, that tortures people, that kills people, that runs drugs, that supports terrorism against us and against our allies. 

“What is it? If they had put the Confederate flag on a flagpole in some public property in Cuba, then would that offend Obama? Look at the morals here. There are no morals. What is the standard for a man like this? What is the standard for his supporters? ‘Look at this!’ Celebrating! Oh, with the Cuban government! 

“He’s embracing a real live current day police state! Now we’re supposed to get over that, but we’re never supposed to get over the Confederate flag and the Civil War. It’s in our DNA!

"Well, what’s in Castro’s DNA? Hey, get over it! Move along! Be done with it! This is the future, you’re in the past! Well, you know what, then I’ll live in the past.”

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