Kamala Harris: 'Let’s Keep Speaking Out Until Every Single Infant Is Out’ Staff | March 7, 2019 | 5:40pm EST
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(Getty Images/Stephen Maturen)

Sen. Kamala Harris sent out a Tweet on Wednesday--linking to a CBS News story that said there was one baby still detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Texas—calling on people to continue speaking out about babies being held in custody until no more babies are.

“Let’s keep speaking out until every single infant is out of detention in Texas and elsewhere,” Harris said in her Tweet. “This cannot be who we are as a country.”

On Thursday afternoon, Harris sent out another Tweet criticizing what she called the Trump administration’s “immoral” and “cruel” policy of holding pregnant women in immigration detention centers.

“The Trump Administration ended a policy that prohibited detaining pregnant women in immigration detention centers last March,” Harris said.

“That’s not just immoral,” she said, “it’s dangerous.

“My colleagues and I introduced a bill to end this cruel practice,” she said.

The CBS News story that Harris linked to the first Tweet said: “One detained baby remained in ICE custody as of Tuesday evening at the South Texas Family Residential Center, a rural detention facility where immigration advocates say infants are dealing with dirty water, limited baby food and a lack of medical care.”

“The facility in Dilley, Texas, was holding 16 infants under a year old,” CSB reported, “including one as young as five months old, as of Friday, an ICE official told CBS News via email. By Tuesday, all but one had been released, according to ICE.”

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