Pundits Lament 'Profiling of Blacks,' But Don't Some of Us Kinda Invite It?

By Bob Parks | July 14, 2013 | 2:24pm EDT

While MSNBC and CNN are both vying for the position of being the new "Black Entertainment Television," giving air time to every black face they can find to give an opinion of the "not guilty" verdict in the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin murder trial, the tone of the conversation is reduced to white-guilt condescension towards blacks.

"Profiling" is something we do every day whether we want to admit it or not. We profile products we'd never buy, who we'd prefer not to hang out with, who we've never vote for, regardless of the value those things or people could have in our lives.

For example, I am a black conservative. However, I would be willing to bet that when I'm seen walking down the street, the average person assumes I'm a liberal who votes accordingly. An initial conversation would be started on that basis and the response would vary depending upon the philosophies held by the person starting such conversation.

Young people, especially young black people, do things seen everyday that make many of us cringe. We see young black females initiating violent acts at McDonald's restaurants, young black males playing the "knock out game" on innocent people just walking down the street, and of course, we see the daily tally of deadly shootings within black communities nationally that all these media pundits on the left seldom seem to find time to talk about.

I said condescension.

Many of the liberals look at blacks (not their "black friends") as the downtrodden. I contend they look at blacks as one would look at their pet. We don't get terribly angry when a cat or dog pees in the corner because we assume it doesn't know any better. So, when blacks kill each other indiscriminately, liberals don't consider them as potentially intelligent human beings who knew right from wrong, but blame their "socioeconomic conditions" as an excuse for conduct that would be intolerable in any other community.

When I was growing up, and had I been in a neighborhood which my presence there may have been deemed suspect, when approached by someone who did live there, my response would have begun with a "Yes, sir" or "Yes, ma'am" and not a potentially threatening posture. Today's young people have been told their opinions are equal to adults - mix that with the thug, hip-hop mentality, and you have a potentially violent confrontation in the making.

Despite the holier-than-thou personae now being displayed by the visually-concerned air talent on MSNBC and CNN, I'm quite certain that, if some young black males walked in their direction on the sidewalk, they would be concerned. Not that a created-out-of-convenience "white Hispanic" would take those kids out, but that those kids might do... something.

We don't profile little old white ladies for suspicion of crimes because they don't commit crimes that often. I don't have baggy jeans, don't wear a do-rag and slippers, but do have some grey hair that comes and goes (if you know what I mean), so I don't generate the kind of scrutiny the activists lament. But, until we get a handle on the self-inflicted image wounds, we will continue to be profiled and people will expect the worst from us.

I would hope that, one day, white liberals would have the same expectations of blacks that they have for themselves. I would hope that, one day, all blacks would behave in a civilized manner and that our communities would not be killing fields no MSNBC or CNN pundit would enter without armed security.

Did Trayvon Martin deserve to die? No, that is until it was shown he became the aggressor and any person who was getting punched-out on a sidewalk would do the same thing George Zimmerman did. If a young man were sitting on top of Melissa Harris-Perry or Ben Jealous or Jesse Jackson or Savannah Guthrie or Al Sharpton or a Martin defense attorney, repeatedly punching their head into the concrete sidewalk and they had access to a gun before what could at any time be the final lights-out, you want me to believe they wouldn't use it? Yeah, right.

The Merriam-Webster definition of profiling is "the act or process of extrapolating information about a person based on known traits or tendencies." If there is video all over the Internet of black people behaving badly, and in most cases that video was uploaded by blacks or taken by municipal surveillance cameras, then people will take that information into account when deciding how to interact with blacks.

Until then, we'll continue to see black activists and white-guilt liberals lamenting the continuation of racial profiling in America, with no mention of the conduct of some blacks that may justify it. The Zimmerman-Martin trial was a media concoction that was done for ratings. Any damage done to race relations in this country makes for potentially profitable sequels. How it affects us on the street means little to them. And, until the climate that liberals created, perpetuate, and excuse in the black community is addressed, there will be another Zimmerman-Martin trial coming very soon.

You know they're looking for one at this very moment.

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