Pro-Life Activist: Vandalism Gave Me ‘Strange Reassurance That I Was Still On The Right Track’

By Barbara Hollingsworth | February 2, 2016 | 11:31am EST
Jill Stanek. (Wikipedia)

Pro-life activist Jill Stanek found an unwelcome surprise waiting for her at her Mokena, Illinois home when she returned from a cruise Sunday night following the March for Life in Washington, D.C.

An unknown vandal had thrown a plastic Target bag containing a chunk of cinder block through her front window with a warning note: ‘Quit the Pro-Life B------- (expletive).”

“It landed on a little table where I keep my devotional books,” Stanek told “There was a lot of broken glass, which we found 20 feet away in the foyer.”

Photo of Target bag thrown through a window of Jill Stanek's home in suburban Chicago. (Jill Stanek/Facebook)

For the past six months, Stanek has been working behind the scenes as the national campaign chair for the Susan B. Anthony List, and has “not been blogging or been snarky online,” she said.

“My neighbors and I get along fine and there’s nothing else going on in my life, so it was kind of reassuring to get the note and get confirmation rather than wonder” whether the vandalism was related to her pro-life activities, she continued.

The vandalism “gave me a strange reassurance that I was still on the right track and doing what God wants me to do. I’m making a difference. What I’m doing still bothers them.”


When she called the police to report the crime, she told, they advised her to take commonsense safety precautions and not publicize the incident.

Chunk of cinder block with threatening note attached that was thrown through pro-life activist's window. (Jill Stanek/Facebook)

“One officer was the same one who came out in 2009 when I got death threats here and at my church and the FBI was called in.

"He said it was ‘bias-related’ - which is a gentler term for a hate crime - but didn’t say whether it would be reported to the FBI," she told

“But I told them that the pro-life movement is constantly being accused of being violent when it’s really the other side that is violent. And I was not going to let their violence go unchecked.”

“In the scheme of things this was nothing,” Stanek wrote on a Facebook post Monday. “But having my home vandalized was a first for me in the #prolife movement.”

Stanek became prominent in the pro-life movement after she exposed the fact that Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois, where she worked as a labor and delivery nurse, was doing “live birth abortions” by prematurely inducing labor and then leaving the infants alone to die.

After one such abortion involving a 21-to 22-week pre-term baby with Down Syndrome, Stanek wrote: “I could not bear the thought of this suffering child dying alone in a Soiled Utility Room, so I cradled and rocked him for the 45 minutes that he lived.”

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