Levin Advises Audience to 'Turn Off the News': 'The Propaganda Is Endless'

Annabel Scott | August 17, 2017 | 3:24pm EDT
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Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin (Flickr Photo/Labeled for Reuse)

On his nationally syndicated radio show Wednesday, host Mark Levin criticized the liberal main stream media, telling his audience to “turn off the news” because “the propaganda is endless.”

“I advise you to turn off the news because this has become really insane, absolutely insane,” said Mark Levin. “The propaganda is endless.”

Levin’s comments come after The New York Times published an editorial accusing President Donald Trump of sympathizing with and taking up the talking points of white nationalists after Trump condemned the violence coming from both groups at the Charlottesville, VA “United the Right” rally last weekend.

Below are Levin’s remarks from the show Wednesday:

“I advise you to turn off the news because this has become really insane, absolutely insane. The propaganda is endless.

The New York Times had a wing-dinger of an article – The New York Times. Oh, we’ll get into all this stuff in a minute. But I want to remind you of The New York Times, and I want to put this in the context of Donald Trump.

“‘Did Donald Trump ever try to cover up the Holocaust?’ I would ask Jim Acosta, who is a complete clown; I would ask Don Lemon, who is a complete moron. But, then again, they don’t want to be asked.

“Oh, these late night hosts who have negative IQ’s, they’re all playing to their ratings, ladies and gentlemen. They’re all playing to their base, and the media now have a base. MSNBC has the hard left-wing kooks. CNN is competing for the hard left-wing kooks by hiring a Conga Line of left-wing kooks, much like MSNBC’s hard left-wing kooks. Even on our favorite cable channel every now and then they’re popping up. They are all over the New York Slimes and the Washington Compost.

“But when are we going to hold people actually responsible for things that they’ve done. And, if the things that they’ve done are so unconscionable, why should we rely on them today? Why should we give them any credibility today?

“And yet, The New York Times is said to be the paper record. The New York Times is the paper that all the left wingers pick up when they’re going on Amtrak, you know, from New York to Washington and Washington to New York or doing the shuttle flights or whatever they are – this is their paper. The very newspaper that sought to conceal the Holocaust, something Donald Trump has never done. Just as Franklin Roosevelt attempted to conceal the Holocaust, something Donald Trump has never done.”

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