Transgender Runner Jailed for ‘Frenzied’ Attempted Murder Over Testosterone Levels

By Andrew Eicher | March 15, 2017 | 6:02pm EDT
Lauren Jeska (Photo: Facebook)

A transgender runner in the United Kingdom has been jailed for 18 years for her “frenzied” attack on a United Kingdom Athletics (UKA) official after learning that she must provide evidence of her testosterone levels if she wishes to continue competing as a woman, The Daily Telegraph reported on March 14.

Forty-two year old Lauren Jeska, who was born male, attacked Ralph Knibbs with two large kitchen knives, “as though she were trying to skewer meat,” an eyewitness said.

Prosecutor Richard Atkins said, “she lunged and attacked him about the head and neck area using both knives, making repeated attempts to stab him.”

He said Jeska revealed to her psychiatrist that she “fantasized” about “killing all the [UKA] staff.”

Jeska’s failure to provide samples of her testosterone levels as well as other relevant documentation forced authorities to void her racing results and initiate a review of “her status as a female athlete.”

Her response was to drive from her home to Knibbs’ office, where she signed herself in and followed the receptionist to her victim. She then launched her assault, which sentencing judge Simon Drew called a “cool, calculated attack.”

Drew said Jeska’s actions had been “planned and executed with chilling precision,” and called the case “deeply disturbing and complex.”

Knibbs suffered a “traumatic, life-changing experience,” the attack leaving him with long-term nerve damage and partial permanent sight loss.

Knibbs may have bled to death, but for the efforts of a Royal Navy paramedic who was nearby. It took half a dozen office staff members to subdue the enraged Jeska.

Jeska’s parents, Pauline and Graham Jameson, blamed her actions on a “mental health crisis precipitated by the affair with the UKA.”

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