Mark Levin: ‘This Isn’t Planned Parenthood ... It’s Planned Child Killing’

By Abigail Wilkinson | July 31, 2015 | 2:10pm EDT

On his July 30 broadcast, nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin addressed the recent videos in which Planned Parenthood officials negotiated over the transfer and sale of tissue and organs from unborn babies.

“This isn’t Planned Parenthood,” Levin said. “They should change their name. It’s Planned Child Killing. That’s what it is.

“This is not a choice. Certain things you’re not allowed to choose.”

Here’s a transcript of what Levin said:

“Who is it today who’s ignoring science? The same fools that distort science, that pervert science, that claim ‘climate change’ ... when it comes to science demonstrating what a human of a being is and the survivability of a human being: ‘No, no, no. It’s a choice; it’s not real, it’s a fetus.’

“That’s why I don’t call it a fetus, even though that’s technically the -- I won’t use it. It’s a baby. You say fetus, 80 percent of the people, their eyes go -- ‘Ah, that’s a fetus! Ah, forget it, it’s not a human.’ It’s a human. It’s a human.

“And we have another video, and there will be many more. And no court’s going to be able to stop them forever from producing these videos. And isn’t it amazing? They want to stop them from showing these videos, because they’re grotesque.

“This isn’t Planned Parenthood. They should change their name. It’s Planned Child Killing. That’s what it is. And they laugh about it. And they’re trying to think of ways to do it more efficiently. They’re trying to think of ways to do it so they can get more money for baby body parts. Did you think you’d ever live to see this is the United States of America?

“‘Oh listen! I’m progressive! I’m pro-choice! That’s what women want!’ Excuse me. I’m pro-human being. This is not a choice. Certain things you’re not allowed to choose.

“You know, folks, those of us who’ve had children and grandchildren, when you look at a sonogram -- and by the way, the leftists in this country don’t want to require a sonogram before an abortion. They go, ‘Why, God, look at this!’ They tried this in Virginia: ‘Oh, look at that! Are you against that? You’re against women!’ Against women? To look at a sonogram? How’s that against women?

“See, here’s the thing. These pre-born babies -- they don’t get to vote. They have zero political clout, unless you and I speak out for them. Pre-born babies, post-born babies, children, teenagers -- none of them have any political clout. None of them get to speak. Then we have to do it for them.”

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