Hannity: Obama Is ‘Single Weakest American President We Have Ever Had’

By Abigail Wilkinson | July 15, 2015 | 4:13pm EDT

“Obama is the single weakest American president we have ever had,” nationally syndicated radio and television show host Sean Hannity said while commenting on the Iran nuclear deal.

“He is either the most radical, or the most naive, or a combination of both,” Hannity added on his July 14 radio broadcast.

Here’s a transcript of what Hannity said:

“Obama is the single weakest American president we have ever had. He is either the most radical, or the most naive, or a combination of both. You know, it’s not hard to clean Obama’s clock.

“Let’s be honest. He’s weak. This president capitulated on virtually every major position that he started out from.

“If you want to understand this deal in a sentence, try this: Iran gets $150 billion in sanction relief, a figure that is 25 times the annual budget of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

“In response, we get nothing when it comes to the dismantlement of Iran’s nuclear program. We get zero curbs on Iran’s ballistic missile program. We get not a single concession on Iran’s sponsorship of terror and the rejection of the' anytime, anywhere' inspections.

“John Podhoretz pointed out that it appears, from the language, that Iran is going to have 24 days before it has to allow inspections at its sites, none of which have been shut down or dismantled, which will make cheating unbelievably easy. That means that they’ll have all the time they need to fix it before the inspectors come.

“Obama will claim otherwise. He’ll insist that things like that won’t happen, when it will happen. He’ll claim that we got concessions that we never got, and never will get.

“You know, you can think of this as like, the foreign policy and diplomatic equivalent of Obama on Obamacare.

“Remember, we were told to trust the president. Under Obamacare ,you keep your plan, you keep your doctor, you pay less. $2500 per year savings. Now, everybody’s seeing that next year their healthcare accounts are going up anywhere from 25 to 75-80 percent. This is as big a damnable lie as that.

“Netanyahu calls it a historic mistake. He says this will create a terrorist nuclear superpower. And he said that Iran is going to receive a sure path to a nuclear weapon.

“He’s right. Obama’s wrong.”

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