Craig joined in July of 2005. Craig is responsible for all media relations, public relations, and marketing programs. Prior to joining, he served as communications manager for the Intelligent Transportation Society of America. Craig has spent his career managing communications, public, media, and member relations for non-profit organizations such as the National Automobile Dealers Association, the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, and the Ethiopian Community Development Council.

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January 15, 2018, 11:34 AM EST
An indictment against a former co-president of a Maryland-based transportation company that provides services for the transportation of nuclear materials to customers in the U.S. and abroad, for his alleged role in a scheme that involved the bribery of an official at a subsidiary of Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation, was unsealed Friday, the U.S. Justice Department reported.
January 15, 2018, 10:27 AM EST
Natalie Maines, the 43 year-old lead singer of the “Dixie Chicks” musical group took to Instagram Sunday to mock President Donald Trump’s age and accuse him of senility.
January 12, 2018, 1:19 PM EST
Media Research Center President Brent Bozell has publicly released a letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, calling on Dorsey to tell Americans if, and how, he plans to address Twitter’s practice of censoring conservative posts.
January 12, 2018, 10:14 AM EST
America, not countries like Haiti, is a sh*thole country, CBS “Late Night” host Stephen Colbert declared on his show Thursday.
January 11, 2018, 2:56 PM EST
Twitter’s practice of “shadow banning” conservative posts, exposed Thursday in a new James O’Keefe undercover video, constitutes “the most sinister threat to free speech in history,” Media Research President Brent Bozell warns in a statement reacting to the news.
January 11, 2018, 12:34 PM EST
Walmart says it's raising hourly starting wages, giving bonuses, expanding maternity leave and providing adoption aid – thanks to the passage of President Donald Trump’s tax reform plan.
January 11, 2018, 10:46 AM EST
January 10, 2018, 4:20 PM EST
NBC will show, identify and explain the intentions of any players who protest during the playing of the National Anthem at this year’s Super Bowl, the network’s executive producer of sports promised on Tuesday.
January 10, 2018, 12:37 PM EST
“I get the game – and, I’m sick of it,” Fox News’ Tucker Carlson told Univision’s Jorge Ramos Tuesday, when Ramos said calling for border security is actually thinly-veiled racist rhetoric.
January 10, 2018, 11:08 AM EST
In a bipartisan meeting with Congressional lawmakers on Tuesday, President Donald Trump bemoaned the nation’s “system” of inciting widespread hatred, even in the face of good news.
January 9, 2018, 3:57 PM EST
From Washington, DC to Washington state, utility companies are crediting passage of Republicans’ Tax Cut and Jobs Act for their plans to lower their retail customers’ monthly bills.
January 9, 2018, 12:49 PM EST
On his Fox News show on Monday, host Tucker Carlson pledged to never criticize celebrity Oprah Winfrey, given her “almost inevitable” run for president.
January 9, 2018, 10:29 AM EST
Celebrity activist Michael Moore attacked the University of Alabama and University of Michigan because the crowd at a college football game played in Georgia cheered President Donald Trump as he stood during the National Anthem.
January 8, 2018, 9:03 PM EST
WH: No psych exam in Trump's physical.
January 8, 2018, 2:14 PM EST
White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders took to Twitter Sunday to mock Democrats who hoped – and even predicted - President Donald Trump’s economic policies would fail.
January 8, 2018, 12:29 PM EST
Hollywood’s stars were, apparently, too focused on denouncing sexual misconduct in their own industry to launch into tirades against President Donald Trump at last night’s Golden Globes awards ceremony.
January 8, 2018, 10:52 AM EST
When her uncle, the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., took a knee, it was in prayer, Alveda King told in reaction to New Yorker magazine depicting Dr. King kneeling in protest of the National Anthem, flanked by former San Francisco 49ers activist quarterback Colin Kaepernick and Seattle Seahawk dissident Michael Bennett.