Trump Reacts to 'Fake News': 'I Always Treated the Chinese Virus Very Seriously'

Susan Jones | March 18, 2020 | 8:31am EDT
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President Donald Trump updates the nation on COVID-19 at a White House press briefing. (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)
President Donald Trump updates the nation on COVID-19 at a White House press briefing. (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

( - "I always treated the Chinese Virus very seriously, and have done a very good job from the beginning, including my very early decision to close the 'borders' from China - against the wishes of almost all. Many lives were saved. The Fake News new narrative is disgraceful & false!"

President Trump issued that tweet shortly before 8 a.m. Wednesday, after listening to negative coverage from the morning news shows.

Liberal cable networks picked on Trump's remark about the "pandemic," which he made on Tuesday:

"I've always known this is a -- this is a real -- this is a pandemic. I've felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic. All you had to do was look at other countries. I think now it's in almost 120 countries all over the world. No, I've always viewed it as very serious. There was no difference yesterday from days before."

On CNN Wednesday morning, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman said, "for him to go out and claim that he treated this as if it was a pandemic the whole time, that is a lie, that is not true."

On MSNBC, anchor Mika Brzezinski also reacted to Trump's comment on the pandemic: "So even if for some reason he did know about this, it begs the question, why didn't he order the federal government to do more sooner? Especially on testing."

CNN opened its "New Day" show with one of the anchors declaring, "America is woefully unprepared for the pandemic."

"We're starting to look like Italy" a health expert told CNN.

"When the White House at this point says something, we don't necessarily believe it," an MSNBC contributor claimed.

And so on.

In several other tweets on Wednesday morning, President Trump wrote:

-- I will be having a news conference today to discuss very important news from the FDA concerning the Chinese Virus!

-- I will totally protect your Medicare & Social Security!

-- For the people that are now out of work because of the important and necessary containment policies, for instance the shutting down of hotels, bars and restaurants, money will soon be coming to you. The onslaught of the Chinese Virus is not your fault! Will be stronger than ever!

At his news conference on Tuesday, President Trump said he wants to see a "fair press."

"The only thing we haven't done well is to get good press. We have done a fantastic job (in response to the coronavirus) but it hasn't been appreciated. Even the closing down of the borders, which had never been done -- and not only did we close them, we closed them early -- the press doesn't like writing about it.

"So we have done a poor job on press relationships, and you know, I guess I don't know who to blame for that. I don't know, maybe I can blame--maybe I can blame ourselves for that, I will blame ourselves but I think we have done a great job. I think we have done a poor job in terms of press relationship."


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