Rep. Ilhan Omar Named 2019 Anti-Semite of the Year

Michael W. Chapman | January 10, 2020 | 3:43pm EST
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Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.)   (Getty Images)
Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) (Getty Images)

( -- After two rounds of voting, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) was declared the 2019 Anti-Semite of the Year by the organization, a non-profit group that "works to hold anti-Semites accountable."

“Antisemitism is plaguing our nation, and it’s about time we create real consequences for those spreading it,” said Liora Rez, a spokeswoman for "By exposing bigots like Rep. Ilhan Omar, we are ensuring that the public is alert and able to take action.”

In a video about Omar, stated that the congresswoman has "accused American Jews of having dual loyalties" and "ranted about the influence Jews allegedly buy with their money."

They also noted her 2012 tweet in which she said, "Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel."

Omar supports the anti-Jewish and anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

Omar has also been praised by David Duke, a notorious racist and anti-Semite, as reported by the Anti-Defamation League.  In a tweet about the congresswoman, Duke said, "By Defiance of Z.O.G. Ilhan Omar is NOW the most important Member of the US Congress!"

Z.O.G. is an anti-Semitic acronym for "Zionist Occupational Government," a conspiracy theory that claims Jews secretly run Western governments, including Washington, D.C.

"2019's Anti-Semite of the Year is a dangerously powerful Congresswoman who promotes Anti-Semitism in the U.S.," states the video. "Congratulations to Congresswoman Ilhan Omar on her unmatched anti-Semitism!"


Last fall, ran a poll calling on people to nominate who they viewed as top anti-Semites. The top three picks were Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, white supremacist Richard Spencer, and Congresswoman Omar.

After a second round of voting, Omar was declared the winner, said, whose work has been endorsed by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Middle East Forum, and the Zachor Legal Institute, among other pro-Jewish organizations. 


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