Poll: Democrats Control White House and Congress -- Congress' Approval at 21%

Michael W. Chapman | October 28, 2021 | 10:27am EDT
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(CNS News) -- Although Democrats control the House, Senate, and the White House, a new poll shows that Congress' approval among Americans is at 21%, its lowest thus far in 2021, according to Gallup, which conducted the survey. 

The newest numbers come from an Oct. 1-19 Gallup poll, which also noted that President Joe Biden's approval rating is at 42%, his lowest this year.

While the 21% approval for Congress (House and Senate) is "still still better than the 15% approval rating at the end of the divided 116th Congress in December, today's reading is well below this year's high point of 36%," reported Gallup. 



"That was measured after Congress passed the latest COVID-19 economic relief package, known as the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021," said the survey firm.

Explaining the low approval number, Gallup said, "Congress' approval is low because hardly any Republicans (5%) and relatively few political independents (22%) offer positive reviews of the legislative body, at the same time that Democrats' approval has plunged to its lowest level in 2021 -- now 33%, down from 55% in September."

"As congressional Democrats continue to struggle to reach consensus on the scope of major new social spending, rank-and-file Democrats' approval of Congress has subsided," said Gallup.


The survey group noted that a similar dip in approval occurred in 2009, when Democrats controlled the House, Senate, and White House. 

In conclusion, Gallup said, "With Democrats on Capitol Hill reportedly closer to a deal on Biden's spending bill, Democrats' approval could rebound next month. Whether that persists into 2022 or proves short-lived will depend on whether conflict between different factions in the Democratic caucus continues to stall Biden's agenda or the various sides find a way to unite."

To see the complete survey, click here. 

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