Trump Celebrates Confirmation of 158 Federal Judges

By Melanie Arter | November 6, 2019 | 5:53pm EST
(Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)
(Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

( - President Donald Trump celebrated having confirmed more than 150 judges to the federal bench during a ceremony at the White House on Wednesday.

“From the beginning of my campaign, I promised to appoint judges who will adhere to the true and original meaning of our Constitution. This afternoon, that promise was made, and that promise was kept, and I think many times over. Later today, the Senate will vote on our 158th new judge,” Trump said.

“We will have confirmed as I said 112 judges to the federal district courts, 44 judges to the federal circuit courts and two outstanding judges to the United States Supreme Court, and that number’s rapidly rising. Now one out of every four circuit judges currently on the bench was appointed by this administration, and that number’s now exceeded that by quite a bit. No president in history has confirmed so many judges - not even close - in such a short period of time,” he said.

In total, Trump has 158 judges appointed to the federal courts. Approximately, one out of every four active judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals has been appointed by Trump.

The president also bragged about appointing judges who are younger than former President Barack Obama.

“The average age of my newly appointed circuit court judges is less than 50. They’re young, smart, and 10 years younger than President Obama’s nominees. The pace of appointments is only accelerating. It’s going very quickly, and then you know at some point, we’re going to have to slow it down, because we’re not going to have any, any openings,” Trump said.

“We’re on track to have more judges confirmed this year than in the prior two years combined for us, and will be a record in history the number of judges we’re getting in just a short period of time,” the president said.

“Once all pending nominations are confirmed, I will have appointed about 219 judges, and that number will go up very substantially from there, but the more gains we make, the more aggressive the hard left has become,” Trump warned.

He said liberals are using nationwide injunctions to invalidate the president’s executive actions.

“One of their favorite new tactics is the nationwide injunction. This very destructive practice enables any one of 673 district judges to single-handedly invalidate critical executive actions and stop the enforcement of duly enacted law,” Trump said.

“We’ve had it many times, especially when it comes to our border, and when you see what’s going on on the other side of the border, people are starting to say maybe he is right about the wall, and maybe he is right about having a very strong border,” the president added.

“The activist left only needs to find one partisan resistance judge anywhere in the country to agree with them. On perhaps no issue have these district court injunctions been more brazen and damaging than in the area of immigration. In case after case, judges are prohibiting us from enforcing the plain letter of the law,” he said.

For example, Trump said, a district judge’s ruling declaring the law that allows the expedited removal of illegal aliens apprehended within two years of entering the United States could only be applied to illegals caught within 14 days.
“That’s a tiny group of people. Just a small fraction of what the law expressly allows,” the president said.

He said the left wing’s assault on the Constitution has become a personal assault on judicial nominees themselves.
“Nominees have been attacked in hearings for their religious beliefs. Our entire nation was stunned by the cruel campaign of lies, and slander, and abuse that was hurled at Justice Brett Kavanaugh, but we refused to cave in,” Trump said. But Republicans will never back down, he said.

“While I'm your president, we will continue to nominate highly qualified judges who truly love our Constitution, and I know that Leader McConnell and Chairman Graham are absolutely committed to getting them confirmed quickly, and they have been going quickly,” the president said.

“Of course, I'd like to get some other people confirmed too, please. Some of the other people. Mitch would say, ‘Well, we got to do the judges first.’ And I always agree with him. I have a lot of people waiting over there, but he says, ‘I want those judges.’ And I agree with him,” Trump said.

“Every judge we have placed on the bench will hear thousands of cases over their careers.  They will ensure equal justice for every party before them, regardless of age, race, income, religion, beliefs, or background. And they will safeguard the birthright of liberty that belongs to every man, woman, child in our land,” the president added.


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