Rep. Tlaib Proposes Giving Everyone--Including Illegal Aliens--$2,000 Debit Cards

Melanie Arter | April 13, 2020 | 5:52pm EDT
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(Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)
(Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

( - Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) is proposing giving debit cards initially worth $2,000 and $1,000 monthly after that for everyone in America, including dependents and illegal immigrants and temporary visitors who have been in the United States for more than three months.

Her proposed bill - the Automatic BOOST to Communities Act - would give every person in America $2,000 on a debit card and then $1,000 every month after that until one year after the coronavirus pandemic ends.

“Every person” is described as such: 

a. Dependents, so a couple with two children would receive 4 x $2000 = $8000 in total. 
b. Non-citizens, including undocumented people, permanent residents, and temporary visitors whose stay exceeds three months. 
c. Individuals who do not have a bank account, social security number, or permanent address. d. People living in unincorporated territories or protectorates and Americans living abroad.

Cards would be distributed in three ways: 

1. Direct Mail: All individuals with an active address on file with any government agency would have a card sent to them to that address via USPS. 

2. In Person Pick-Up: Individuals who do not have a permanent address, or who otherwise cannot or do not receive their U.S. Debit Card by mail—including undocumented people, permanent residents, and temporary visitors whose stay exceeds three months—could also obtain one directly from any FDIC-insured bank or credit union, or temporary card distribution stations that would be placed at local post offices and U.S. embassies overseas. 
3. At-Risk Outreach: A dedicated Emergency Responder Corps would perform outreach to at-risk populations, including people who are elderly, homeless, physically disabled, or live in remote areas, to ensure they receive their U.S. Debit Card and to simultaneously perform a general wellness check in case they need additional targeted assistance. 



Tlaib’s proposal calls on the Treasury Department to make “a list of eligible individuals in coordination with the Internal Revenue Service, the Social Security Administration, the Federal Election Commission, and every other relevant federal, state, and local government agency, including state-level Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMVs).”

The prepaid cards could be used to withdraw money from an ATM and to make payments at “Point-ofSale terminals, as well as online.”

A database of recipients would be established to identify “by name and/or, where available, Employer Identification Numbers (EINs).”

Anyone who “who receives, activates, and uses more than the maximum number of cards authorized for themselves and their dependents, either as a result of fraud or administrative error, would have excess funds reclaimed in the future via appropriate mechanisms (i.e., tax refund deduction).”


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