Rep. Kevin McCarthy: Impeachment ‘Was Their Goal from the Beginning’

By Melanie Arter | December 5, 2019 | 3:45pm EST
(Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)
(Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

( – Democrats have been plotting to impeach President Donald Trump from the very beginning of his presidency, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (D-Calif.) said Thursday.

During a Capitol Hill press conference, McCarthy reacted to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) announcement that she is calling for article of impeachment against Trump.


“This morning I listened to Speaker Pelosi give us historical references, but one that she skipped was Alexander Hamilton when he wrote: There will always be the greatest danger that the decision to use the impeachment power would be driven by partisan animosity instead of real demonstrations of innocence or guilty. Today is the day that Hamilton warned us,” he said.

McCarthy said Pelosi “has weakened this nation” with her announcement, but it wasn’t “new news.”

“They always had this pre-written timeline from the day they got sworn in. Let's go through their timeline. After winning the majority, they had to decide who would become the chairs of their committees. Impeachment committee judiciary had a campaign for it. Nadler campaigned on the theme that he would be the best for impeachment, and he won the position,” the minority leader said.

“On the very first day of swearing in by their new freshmen that got them the majority, after holding their hand up and swearing to the Constitution in celebration that night, Congresswoman [Rashida] Tlaib said we'll impeach the mother –.’  That was their goal from the beginning,” McCarthy said.

“Or in May of 2019 of this year, Al Green, who has entered the impeachment from the very beginning, said if we do not impeach the president, he will get reelected, to show them the true reason of why their timeline is written. The sad part about this timeline, they've always had it written. They just never had a case or proof so they had to bring professors in,” he said, referring to the three law school professors who testified for Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee at Wednesday’s impeachment inquiry hearing.

McCarthy said that if Pelosi had actually listened to George Washington University Law professor Jonathan Turley, who testified on behalf of the Republicans on the committee, she would have changed her timeline on recommending articles of impeachment against the president.

“Had Speaker Pelosi spent at least 48 hours and waited until the transcript came forth, America would not have to go through this nightmare. If Speaker Pelosi would have paused and actually listened to the hearing yesterday, she probably would not have made the decision that she made today to try to change her own timeline,” the minority leader said.

“Had she licensed to the Democrat constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley he said there was no bribery, no extortion, no obstruction of justice, no abuse of power. He said this would be the fastest, thinnest, weakest impeachment in U.S. history,” McCarthy continued.

“This is from the individual who did not vote for the president. This is from the individual who is not a Republican. The further they get from their timeline, the further they get away from their own requirements of an impeachment,” he said.

McCarthy pointed out that Pelosi is not adhering to the standards she set for moving toward impeachment.

“Even in this year of March, the speaker of the House said impeachment was so destructive to the nation that it had to be overwhelming, compelling, and bipartisan. That was the criteria she laid out for the nation and for her conference. It's just not the criteria she held herself to,” he said.

McCarthy said the Democrats have prioritized the president’s impeachment over passing a federal budget, lowering drug prices, and signing a trade agreement.


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