Rep. Jim Jordan: ‘It Seems Like Democrats Get Defensive Briefings; Republicans Get Set Up’

Melanie Arter | December 11, 2020 | 10:29am EST
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Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) (Photo by JIM LO SCALZO/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) (Photo by JIM LO SCALZO/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

( – Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said Thursday that the big takeaway from the revelation that Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) had a relationship and dealings with a Chinese spy is that Democrats are treated differently than Republicans when it comes to scandals with foreign countries.

“I think the big take away for me is Eric Swalwell gets a defensive briefing. Dianne Feinstein gets a defensive briefing. It seems like Democrats get defensive briefings. Republicans get set up,” the congressman said in an interview on Fox News’s “The Daily Briefing.”

“Remember what they did to President-Elect Trump. January 6 2016, Jim Comey goes up to Trump Tower, talks to President-Elect Trump about the dossier so he can do what then? Go leak it and CNN and Buzzfeed can print the entire dossier, and it becomes a bigger story,” Jordan said.

“So it seems like Democrats always get the defensive briefing when something like this has gone on. Republicans get set up. I think that’s a question. I think frankly there’s some questions that Speaker Pelosi will have to answer,” he said.

“What did she know when she made the decision to put Swalwell on? What kind of information did she receive? What kind of briefings did she receive on this issue when she made the decision to put him on the Intel Committee? I think those are the questions that the speaker will have to answer,” the congressman said.

Jordan also called for a special counsel into Hunter Biden’s dealings with China on the heels of reports that the DOJ is investigating President-Elect Joe Biden’s son for alleged tax fraud and money laundering. He also pointed out that Democrats have a double standard when dealing with allegations against President Donald Trump versus how it deals with Democrats. 

“There needs to be a special counsel. We need to dig into it. We know he's being investigated, looks like tax issues and everything else, but I think it's interesting,” the congressman said.

“The same people who told us the protests were peaceful, the same people who told us that the dossier was real, the same people who told us the anonymous whistleblower had to be believed even though we could never see who he was, never cross examined him were the same people who told us there is nothing to the Hunter Biden story, and as we now know, they were wrong on all of them,” he said.

“Let's get to the bottom of this. This is important. These folks who accused the president for four years of working with the foreign government, turns out it wasn't him at all. They went after his family. Don Jr. had 30-hour depositions he had to sit through. That wasn't happening at all, but in fact at that same time, looks like the Biden family was doing all right with their engagements with foreign countries,” Jordan said.

When asked to explain the purpose of a special counsel, the congressman said, “The special counsel would have that special designation that wouldn't necessarily be beholden, working for the next attorney general to get a special designation. If, in fact, as president Biden, would he get rid of that special counsel? I think it is going to be a question that they’ll have. We’ll see what plays out with Mr. Durham on the other issue. So I just think that designation gives it added weight. 

“We’ll see. Maybe it's not needed, but I think it makes sense to do it. We called for it—Ken Buck called for it earlier this week. When you have something this serious, again, this came up during impeachment, and the Democrats dismissed it then,” Jordan said.

“Then it came up again with Mr. Bobulinski and all the facts he had, the emails that showed the big guy in fact referred to vice president Biden, and the Democrats and the mainstream press dismissed it then as well. So now we know there’s something real there, even though we knew it back then. Now we know there’s something real. Let's just make sure we get to the truth for the American people,” he said.

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