McCarthy Accuses Pelosi of Double Standard on Foreign Interference

By Melanie Arter | June 13, 2019 | 5:52pm EDT
(Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

( - House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) on Thursday called out the Democrats for giving money to a foreign entity to dig up dirt on President Donald Trump and using that false information to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Americans.

During a Capitol Hill press conference, McCarthy was asked about Trump’s comments to ABC’s George Stephanopolous that he would listen to information from a foreign government on his political opponents.


“Your campaign, this time around. Foreigners -- if Russia, if China, someone else, offers you information on an opponent, should they accept it or should they call the FBI?" Stephanopolous asked during an Oval Office interview Wednesday.

“I think maybe do both," Trump said. "I think you might want to listen. There’s nothing wrong with listening. If someone called from a country -- Norway -- we have information on your opponent – Oh. I think I'd want to hear it.”


“You want that kind of interference in our elections?" Stephanopoulos asked.

“It's not an interference," Trump said. "They have information. I think I'd take it. If I thought there was something wrong, I'd go maybe to the FBI -- if I thought there was something wrong.

When asked whether Trump is ignoring the law or doesn’t understand it, McCarthy said, “Let me be very clear. I don’t want to see any foreign government try to interfere in our elections, and we all should stand united to ensure integrity of our elections.

“What I am appalled about is what has happened in our elections. I watched in the last campaign the Democrat presidential campaign spend $6 million to a foreign entity to travel the world to try to find something,” the House GOP leader said.

“When they could not find it, they made false accusations - salacious accusations at that - drove this country into a special counsel lasting more than 22 months, using this false information, sending it to the FBI that went and got a FISA court then to spy upon Americans and took us through something we should never have to live again,” McCarthy said.

“I did not hear the speaker be appalled at that or to have a chair of the House Intel Committee think that he’s knowingly speaking on a phone to a foreign entity to supply some other false allegations, and what action did he take? Those are the things I’m appalled about that actually did happen,” he said.

“John McCain gave the Steele dossier to the FBI,” a reporter said.

“Who paid, who paid-- no, what I’m talking about is the Clinton campaign and the DNC spending $6 million creating a false dossier,” McCarthy said.

“You’re saying that the DNC made up the entire Steele dossier?” the reporter asked.

“Did they pay a foreign entity to go around and create it? I believe they did,” McCarthy said.

He said he doesn’t want foreign governments to interfere in any U.S. elections, “and we should stand united on that.”

“If you or one of your colleagues was approached by a foreign power --” a reporter asked.

“You would say like Adam Schiff? … I think what you’re asking right here is a hypothetical, so let’s go and look at what actually did happen. Adam Schiff got a phone call that he willingly thought was a foreign individual, and he took it. Yet, what action did he take after the fact?” McCarthy said.

“Did the Democratic Party spend money to a foreign individual to try to drum something up that were lies? Yes, that’s what we found. Did we go through a Mueller report that found no collusion and no obstruction? The answer is yes. So no, if an entity comes to you, yes, go to the individuals and let them know,” he said.

“Did the president ever say he’d be more flexible after the next election? No. This president has been tougher on Russia than any president before. This president even when you go through - and anybody who has gone through a report like the Mueller report that found no collusion, even though foreign entities tried - so the president has gone through this and acted properly all along the way while you have another entity, another presidential campaign on the Democrat side that did complete opposite,” McCarthy said.

Pelosi said during her Thursday press conference that the Democrats are drafting legislation codifying that if someone is given opposition research from a foreign government, they are duty-bound to report it.

When asked whether he would vote for the bill, McCarthy said, “Yes, I could vote for it. I would hope she would hold that same standard to the chair of the Intel Committee, because she appoints the chairman of the Intel Committee, so I hope she would hold that standard.

“I hope she would have that same standard to her own party, her own party who used more than $6 million to pay a foreign individual to go drum up information and make lies. I hope she would hold that same standard to her past president, who actually told a foreign country that he could be more flexible after the next election,” he said.

“It’s really ironic of all the Democrats have done, the lies that they have made, and now they’re concerned. That’s a problem that I have,” McCarthy said.

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