Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley: Biden Needs to Cut Off Russian Oil Coming to U.S., Sanction All Russian Energy

Melanie Arter | March 1, 2022 | 5:20pm EST
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Former Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley (Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images)
Former Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley (Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images)

( – President Biden needs to cut off all Russian oil coming into the United States, sanction every energy company in Russia immediately, and completely eliminate Russia from the Swift international banking system, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley said Tuesday.

“Talk about not learning from your mistakes. First of all, Biden is not doing enough. He needs to cut off -- even now he should be cutting off all Russian oil coming into the United States. He can do it in one instance by opening up the Keystone Pipeline. The second thing is he needs to sanction every energy company in Russia right now,” she told Fox News’s “The Faulkner Focus.”

“I don't know why he is waiting. It’s the one thing that is a sucker punch to Putin if he wanted to do it, and then completely eliminate them from Swift. Completely stop the Venmo transactions of international. Stop that. What are you waiting on? How many more people have to die before Biden says, okay, let's do this?” Haley said.

The former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said that the idea that the president will ask China for help with Russia “sickens” her to her core.

“There’s a real problem, and then you’re still going to try to talk about the Iran deal? You’re still going to go sit in a room with Russia and China? Think about it. The idea that Biden would go ask China for help with Russia sickens me to my core. When you’re going to one enemy to get help with another enemy, do you know how weak that looks? We’ve got to stop all of this embarrassment,” Haley said.

“At some point learn the fact that when tyrants say they’re going to do something, we should learn the lesson they’re gonna do it. Russia said they would invade in Ukraine. They're doing it. China said they would take over Hong Kong. They've done it. Russia says they want Poland and the Baltics next. China has said they want Taiwan next. Iran says they want to destroy Israel,” she warned.

“We need to take these evil dictators at their word because they are serious. God help us if we don't take them seriously now because we're watching our mistakes happen. We can self-correct but we've got to grow a spine. We've got to get strong, and we've got to start calling out these dictators for what they are,” Haley said.

“At what point are the dollars going to outweigh human lives that are happening – that are dying on the streets now of Ukraine? And do we need that oil? No, double down on fracking. Make sure that we are exporting liquified natural gas,” the former ambassador said.

“We shouldn't be becoming less dependent on Russia alone. We should be telling Europe, you got us into this, you now have to become less dependent. Poland and Lithuania have already started getting their oil from Australia. Let's get the rest of Europe off of Russian oil,” she added.

Ukranian President Zelensky said he wants his country to join the European Union, which Haley said helps him, “because it infuriates Russia.”

“It puts more pressure on Putin. It lets Putin know that more of the world is with him and they absolutely should let him in the E.U. I mean certainly that's a European decision. They’ll all have to vote on it, but I think if you want to take about courage and you want to talk about might, and you want to talk about inspiration. How do you not let the Ukraine into the EU? I think that Europeans will really think that way,” Haley said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been crazy and evil for a long time, the former ambassador said.

“We’ve watched him poison opponents in England. We’ve watched him allow chemical weapons in Syria. We’ve watched him do horrific acts over the years bringing down the Malaysian airplane. I mean we’ve watched all of this. So this should be no surprise to any of us. In terms of NATO, it’s very different. E.U. Is financial, right? NATO is security,” she said. 

“So you really have to think about whether -- which countries you’re gonna add in, because that means we all go to war if they're invaded. We all go and take up arms if they’re invaded. So it’s a different conversation if you talk about the E.U. versus NATO,” Haley added. 

She said that the UN Human Rights Council should either kick Russia off the council or Biden should remove the United States from the council.

First of all, there is a lot we should be doing. I think that Biden chose to get back into the Human Rights Council. You are sitting shoulder to shoulder with Russia. Either you kick Russian off the human rights council or the U.S. Gets out of the human rights council which we did in the very beginning. Secondly you are sitting in Iran negotiations. You are sitting shoulder to shoulder with Russia and China.

Do you really want to be doing a deal with our enemies? I don't think so. If we didn't learn the lesson from this, we’ve got to learn that we are not going to allow that to happen. So when you talk about the U.N. Security council, absolutely I would be railing right now to, one, not allow Russia on the security council. 

Two, not allow Russia in the general assembly. They should be -- they shouldn't even get observer status at this point. This is all-out war, and we should be treating them like the criminals that they are. 

Haley agreed that it doesn’t make sense that Russia is allowed to vote against a UN resolution condemning what they’re doing. 

If the U.N. ever wanted to man up and grow a spine, this is the time to do it, because if they can do this to Ukraine they can do it to any country that sits in that chamber and we have to look at this, Harris. This is a learning moment for us. So there were a lot of things the U.S. should have done before this happened, but do you know who is watching all of this right? China. 

China is watching every country that’s sending Ukraine arms. China is watching how the U.S. reacts. China is watching who’s sending intelligence to Ukraine, and China is deciding that when they invade Taiwan, how do they want to do it sleeker, better, stronger? How are they going to make sure they can do this? So while we're trying to defend Ukraine at this point, don't take your eyes off of China, because they are getting ready to move and we have to be ready. 

China watched this play out in front of the world, Haley said, and “what we know now is China is a bit annoyed, right? Because it did play out this way. 

“They look at Russia. They think Russia is being sloppy. They think they are embarrassing them, but China very much gets Russia is the junior partner here, and so China may try and distance at this point, but they are as close together in terms of making sure they destroy the west as they've ever been," she said.

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