Candace Owens: Dems Using White Supremacy Issue to Scare Blacks into Voting for Them

Melanie Arter | September 20, 2019 | 3:25pm EDT
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( – Conservative commentator and Blexit leader Candace Owens testified in Congress Friday at a hearing on confronting violent white supremacy, telling a House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee that Democrats are using the issue of white supremacy to scare blacks into voting for the Democrat Party.

During her opening testimony, Owens acknowledged that white supremacy is “indeed real,” but added that “despite the media’s obsessive coverage of it, it represents an isolated, uncoordinated and fringe occurrence within America.”


“It’s a fringe occurrence that is being used in my opinion by Democrats to scare Americans into giving up their votes to a party that can no longer win based on simple ideas, which is why we’re seeing so many of these hearings back-to-back despite other threats that are facing this nation,” she said.

“I want to reiterate that point. White supremacy is real, just as racism is real, but neither of these ideologies are real in this room. They have become mechanisms for the left to continue to call these hearings and to distract from much bigger issues that are facing this country and which threaten minorities, much bigger issues that they are responsible for,” Owens added.



She ticked off a handful of issues that she said are greater threats to black America: father absence, illiteracy, and abortion.


White nationalism sounds a lot better as a threat than father absence. When are we going to call a hearing on the 74 percent of single motherhood rate in black America today? My guess is probably never. Since Democrats are the author of that epidemic, which leaves us – black Americans – 20 times more likely to end up in prison, nine times more likely to drop out of high school, and five times more likely to lead a life in poverty and to commit crime.

White nationalism also sounds a lot better than illiteracy rates. I’m assuming we’re never going to call a hearing on that, which is a real epidemic which is facing black Americans and minority Americans today, an epidemic which by the way has a lot closer of a tie to our nation’s history of white supremacy. Slave codes in the early 19th century made it illegal for black Americans to learn to read. Why? Because if slaves could read, they could access information. I don’t believe that much has changed.

On the most recent National Assessment of Education and Progress, just 17 percent of black students scored proficient in reading at a 12th grade level. Eighty-three percent of blacks in America were not found proficient in reading at a 12th grade level. Are we going to have a hearing on that? Probably not.

White nationalism also sounds a lot better than abortion as a threat, which has resulted in the slaughter of 18 million black Americans since 1973 and points to a bigger crisis, which is the fact that the black population growth has stagnated in this country. The crisis, and in major cities like in New York, we have more black babies aborted than born alive. If we’re talking about preserving lives and we’re talking about white supremacy, we should probably have a conversation about that.


Owens said that Democrats in the hearing are focused on white supremacy on the Internet so they can get permission to censor conservatives.

“But today in this room, we’re going to see Democrats try to connect the dots to white supremacy on the Internet. So the question is why? So that people who have absolutely nothing to do with propagating white supremacy are censored, silenced and controlled. What they are actually after is our permission to censor and silence and control any dissenting voices that go against the mainstream narrative that they wish to propagate,” she said.

Owens described attempts by liberals to silence her on social media.


To give a glimpse into just how absurd and expansive the definition of white supremacy has become, I offer to the committee that I have been libeled and smeared by Democrat media cohorts as someone who supports white supremacy. You need but look at me to determine that that just isn’t true.

Why? Because I routinely say black people don’t have to be Democrats. I am now considered somebody that is radicalizing people on the Internet. What a radical idea – black people waking up to the abuses in the Democrat Party, which has been instigated upon black America over the last 60 years. There have been sincere attempts – just so everybody knows – to censor me on social media, because I am radical.

YouTube once censored me for criticizing Black Lives Matter. They reversed the censorship, and they apologized, and they called it a mistake. Facebook once censored me for calling out liberal supremacy as a threat facing black America. What I said specifically was that in any community where liberal policies reign supreme, you’ll find that black America is hurting. I stand by that assessment.

Facebook reversed my censorship, apologized and claimed it was a mistake. Of course, I’m fortunate that I have a big enough platform that when I get branded something extreme, I can reverse it, but the majority of Americans don’t have that platform. The majority of Americans with dissenting opinions are silenced forever.

Owens said that liberals use the term racist to silence those who disagree with them and the term white nationalism is being used to anger black Americans into voting for the Democrat Party.


Many words which have once held very serious meanings have come to take on a very different definition over the last couple of years as Democrats have desperately tried to grapple with the fact that they are no longer able to manipulate Americans with broad claims and broad strokes of racism, sexism, misogyny and the like, words like racism, which today most nearly means anything or anyone that disagrees with a liberal and terms like white nationalism, which today and in this room and upon this floor most nearly means that it’s election time in America.

It’s time for the left to do what they do best – divide, distract and hope to keep the most important voting block to their party – which is black Americans – angry and emotional and reactive enough to keep voting for the same party that has systematically destroyed our families, sent our men to prison, and deferred all of our dreams.

I will close out by telling you that this is not going to work. America and more importantly, black America, is waking up to the ploy, the bad acting, the faux concern, these hearings. It’s not going to stop black America from breaking the chains of victimhood, and it’s certainly not going to stop me from being one of the loudest voices against it.



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