Sen. Scott: 'Balance the Budget and Quit Wasting All This Money'

By Elisabeth Nieshalla | June 8, 2021 | 4:36pm EDT
Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.)   (Getty Images)
Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) (Getty Images)

(CNS News) -- Senator Rick Scott (R-Fla.) said he is focused on trying to balance the federal budget, but did not say whether Congress ever would accomplish this task.

At the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday, CNS News asked Senator Scott, “President Biden has presented Congress with a budget that proposes running $14.5 trillion in deficits over the next decade. Will Congress ever balance the budget?”

Sen. Scott said, “I am very focused on making sure that we balance the budget and quit wasting all this money. He [Biden] has proposed, like you said, over $13 trillion just this year. I’m going to continue to fight for responsible spending and balancing the budget."

"I did in Florida, I cut taxes and reduced the budget by over a third in eight years," he said.

In a follow-up, CNS News asked Scott in what year will Congress balance the budget, but he did not have time to answer, as he went into a hearing for the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

President Joe Biden (D)  (Getty Images)
President Joe Biden (D) (Getty Images)

President Biden’s budget looks to fund new initiatives in infrastructure, education, healthcare and climate change, among other areas.

As of June 7, the total debt of the federal government was $28,264,344,438,395.30, over $28 trillion.

Under Biden's budget proposal, the federal government will continue to deficit spend (accumulate debt) for at least the next 10 years, with total borrowing hitting a combined $14.5 trillion in 2031. 

As the New York Times has reported, "President Biden would like the federal government to spend $6 trillion in the 2022 fiscal year, and for total spending to rise to $8.2 trillion by 2031. That would take the United States to its highest sustained levels of federal spending since World War II, while running deficits above $1.3 trillion through the next decade."

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