Mob Storms and Vandalizes U.S. Capitol | January 6, 2021 | 4:32pm EST
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(Screen Capture from CSPAN)
(Screen Capture from CSPAN)

( - A mob of people, apparently protesting the counting of Electoral College votes, stormed the U.S. Capitol today, in some cases breaking windows to enter the building, according to video broadcast by CSPAN.

CSPAN also showed photos of plain clothes Capitol police officers inside the Senate chamber with guns drawn and aimed at the doors to the chamber.

CSPAN additionally showed video of protesters pounding on an external door of the Capitol in an attempt to break it down.

In an interview with Fox News, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R.-Calif.) said what was happening at the Capitol was “un-American.”

Rioters climbing through a broken window at the U.S. Capitol. (Screen Capture)
Rioters climbing through a broken window at the U.S. Capitol. (Screen Capture)

“First of all, this is so un-American,” McCarthy said. “I condemn any of this violence that is happening in the Capitol right now. I could not be sadder and more disappointed with the way our country looks at this very moment. People are getting hurt.

“Anybody involved in this, if you are hearing me, hear me very loud and clear: This is not the American way. This is not protected by the First Amendment,” said McCarthy.

“This must stop now,” McCarthy said.

“As a nation, we’ve got to come together,” said McCarthy. “This is so unacceptable what I see happening at this very moment.

“We can disagree, but we do not take it to this level. We do not do what is happening, right now,” McCarthy said.

Vice President Mike Pence sent out a tweet in which he said: "The violence and destruction taking place at the US Capitol Must Stop and it Must Stop Now. Anyone involved must respect Law Enforcement and immediately leave the building."

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