Washington Times’ Bill Gertz: Communist China is Engaged in ‘Unrestricted Warfare’ with the USA

Bailey Duran | July 28, 2020 | 2:13pm EDT
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(CNS News) -- Bill Gertz, the national security correspondent for the Washington Times and author of Deceiving the Sky: Inside Communist China's Drive for Global Supremacy, says the United States’ new Cold War is against Communist China -- and only China has been fighting.

During a summit with the Falkirk Center for Faith and Liberty on Monday, Gertz, a national security expert and the author of six books, addressed the threat that China poses to the United States and spoke about their Communist and Marxist roots.

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(Getty Images)

“China remains a Stalinist state,” said Gertz. “They’ve never rejected Stalin and we’re seeing that more and more with the emergence of Xi Jinping who has assumed more power in China than any leader since Mao [Zedong].”

Gertz also discussed the engagement policy with China, which apparently has failed. “If we traded with China, if we engage them diplomatically, economically, politically” it was argued, he said, “that system would have abandoned Communism.”

The goal of this policy was to compel China to turn to a “free and open system” but it ended being an “utter failure,” said Gertz.

National security expert and Washington Times reporter Bill Gertz. (Screenshot)
National security expert and Washington Times reporter Bill Gertz. (Screenshot)

“The idea that is we trade with China, they’ll become a moderate, non-threatening power has failed,” he said.

According to Gertz, instead of China being inspired to turn away from communism, they are fighting a Cold War against the United States.

“China is engaged in unrestricted warfare against the United States,” Gertz said. “This is a Cold War, but the problem has been only one side has been fighting -- and that is China. The United States has been asleep at the wheel up until the Trump administration, and now they’re beginning to recognize that we face a foe that is an existential threat.”

Gertz pointed out that the United States also has Russia, Iran, and North Korea as threats to the country, but said, “In my view there is one supreme threat and that is dealing with China, and it will take all of our energy as a nation to deal with that threat and counter that threat.”

The first step to realizing the threat that China poses is to “declare them as an enemy” rather than just as a “competitor,” said Gertz, and “realize they are working to not just undermine our system but to literally destroy it.”

(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Xi Jinping’s “China Dream” is actually a “Chinese Nightmare,” according to Gertz. He said this “dream” is just China assuming a “supreme role” and “in order for China to achieve that role they must diminish and ultimately destroy the United States.”

He added that the United States needs to continue “confronting China,” and that the Trump administration has been doing this by acknowledging China’s “inability to develop technology.”

“They’ve been stealing United States technology and intellectual property,” Gertz said, adding that the totalitarian regime China steals $250-$600 billion worth of technology per year, and that the United States needs to figure out how to prevent that from happening.

“Let’s see if the Chinese miracle can survive without stealing American technology,” said Gertz. “At this point, however, they may have taken so much of our technology that it may be difficult to really cut them off and see if they survive.”

Since 1949-50, when the Communists took over China, more than 65 million Chinese have been killed for political reasons, according to the Black Book of Communism (Harvard University Press). 

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