Trump: 'We're Not Going to Be Wearing Masks Forever'

By Susan Jones | March 31, 2020 | 6:38am EDT
President Trump holds a news briefing on coronavirus on March 30, 2020.  (Photo: Screen capture)
President Trump holds a news briefing on coronavirus on March 30, 2020. (Photo: Screen capture)

( - Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may alter their official guidance to encourage people to cover their faces amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to a federal official who spoke to the Washington Post on the condition of anonymity.

President Trump was asked about that at Monday's coronavirus task force briefing: "We're not going to be wearing masks forever," he said.

Well, we haven't discussed it to that extent, but it's certainly something we could discuss.

We're getting certainly the number of masks that you need. We are in the process of talking about things. I saw his suggestion (former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb's suggestion) on that, so we'll take a look at it for a period of time.

Not forever. I mean, you know, we want our country back. We're not going to be wearing masks forever, but it could be for a short period of time after we get back into gear.

People could--I could see something like that happening for a period of time. But I would hope it would be very limited period of time. Doctors--they'll come back and say for the rest of our lives we have to wear masks.

Right now, CDC says healthy people do not need to wear masks or face coverings, although many do.

According to the Post, "[T]he recommendation under consideration calls for using do-it-yourself cloth coverings...It would be a way to help 'flatten the curve,'" the official noted.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told CNN on Tuesday the White House task force is now discussing “community-wide use of masks outside of the health care setting.”

“The thing that has inhibited that a bit is to make sure we don't take away the supply of masks from the health care workers who need them. But once we get in a situation where we have enough masks, I believe there will be some very serious consideration about more broadening this recommendation of using masks," Fauci said.

"We're not there yet, but I think we're close to coming to some determination. Because if, in fact, a person who may or may not be infected wants to prevent infecting somebody else, one of the best ways to do that is with a mask. Perhaps that's the way to go. I say, Jim, that's under very active consideration. We'll be discussing it today, this afternoon, at the task force meeting."

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