Trump: 'The Only Path to Unity' Begins With 'Patriotic Education'

Susan Jones | September 1, 2020 | 5:01am EDT
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President Donald Trump speaks to reporters on August 31, 2020. (Photo: Screen capture)
President Donald Trump speaks to reporters on August 31, 2020. (Photo: Screen capture)

( - "The left's war on police, faith, history, and American values is tearing our country apart, which is what they want," President Donald Trump warned on Monday.

"The only path to unity is to rebuild a shared national identity focused on common American values and virtues, of which we have plenty," he told a news conference.

"This includes restoring patriotic education in our nation's schools, where they're trying to change everything that we've learned...cancel culture, whatever you want to call it," Trump said.

"At the same time, we must strictly and fully enforce our law and have no tolerance for anarchy and at no tolerance -- zero -- for violence. Anyone that breaks the law should be arrested, prosecuted, and punished.

"This includes targeting law enforcement efforts to focus on Antifa, the left-wing domestic terror organization. The mission of Antifa is to spread terror in the U.S. population with a goal of getting Americans to give up to their agenda."

Trump said if Democrat Joe Biden won't even say the name "Antifa," there's no way he can solve the problem: "You don't name it, you don't solve it."

In fact, he said, "Biden would give Antifa exactly what it wants, the far-left policy agenda it's asking for. And if that happened, we don't have much of a country left. If you give violent extremists what they want, the violence doesn't go away. They gain new power to spread the terror nationwide."

Trump said most of the nation is "extremely safe," but "you only see the bad. You see Portland and Chicago and you see what's happened in New York just in a very short period of time."

Trump accused Biden of surrendering to the "left-wing mob" that is now wrecking those cities:

But when you surrender to the mob, you don't get freedom, you get fascism. That's what happens in all cases. You take a look at Venezuela, look--look what's going on there and other places.

Biden is using--Biden is using mafia talking points. The mob will leave you alone if you give them what you want. That's what it is. The mob will leave you alone. Give them what you want. But it doesn't work that way, because once you give them--they keep taking, taking, taking.

What happens is you give and give and give and you take and they no longer respect you. And that's what's happened with the Democrats because I actually think they've lost control of these radical-left maniacs."

In America, we will never surrender to mob rule, because if the mob rules democracy is indeed dead. The reason we are continuing to see violence in left-wing cities today is that liberal politicians, mayors, prosecutors and judges are refusing to enforce the law and put the rioters in jail. These are rioters. These are dangerous people. These are killers...

...This is the extreme left's agenda for America. They want to appoint radical prosecutors, judges, and federal officials who will set criminals free. Their stated plan is to cut police funding, abolish cash bail, close down prisons, reeducate our children, preach left-wing social justice, establish a national sanctuary for criminal illegal aliens, and abolish the death penalty even for cop killers.

No one will be safe. And in fact, they want very much to let people in prison, like as an example, the Boston bomber, they want to let everybody vote. If you're in prison, if you're the Boston bomber, they want you to have a vote. I don't know. I don't think that sells too well.

My administration is a very different approach. We want states to work with us to deploy the National Guard to quell the unrest. All they have to do is call us. We will have the National Guard. We are prepared. We are ready to go no matter where they may call from. Any part of the country. East Coast, West Coast, doesn't matter. We are ready to move immediately as we did in Minneapolis, as we did--we are ready to move as quickly as you can imagine.

Trump plans to visit Kenosha, Wisconsin later today, a place where local leaders accepted federal law enforcement assistance to end the violence.

"I'll appoint more tough-on-crime prosecutors, support stiffer penalties and longer jail terms for rioters, and support effective policing methods that are proven to be great crime reducers. When you enforce the law, order follows and we need order. We need--we need order," Trump said.

Trump said he could quickly regain control of the troubled Democrat-run cities: "All they have to do is say please come in. As you know, they have to ask, unless we go a much tougher route, which we could, which you don't like to do that. They have to ask you to come in. When they asked me to come in, will be there within a matter of minutes."

Trump reminded his audience that he signed an executive order setting ten-year prison sentences for people who destroy monuments and statues: "It immediately stopped. That was three months ago or so."

He also noted that in the first two years of his presidency, the number of murders went down significantly.

And in June, the Trump administration launched Operation LeGend, which surged federal law enforcement to cities plagued by violent crime.

"While I am president, we will defend the rights of law-abiding citizens, we will honor the heroes who keep America safe. And we do, we honor our police. We honor our law enforcement."

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