Trump: 'Nancy's Mask Was the Biggest Mask I Think I've Ever Seen'

Susan Jones | April 29, 2021 | 8:21am EDT
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President Biden speaks to masked members of Congress in a sparsely populated room on April 28. ((Photo by JIM WATSON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
President Biden speaks to masked members of Congress in a sparsely populated room on April 28. ((Photo by JIM WATSON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

( - "It doesn't show very much confidence" for members of Congress to wear masks in the sparsely populated chamber where President Biden addressed the nation on Wednesday night, former President Donald Trump told Fox Business' Maria Bartiromo on Thursday morning.

"It looked like they were choking last night while he was speaking. I watched, and I said they ought to get some air. It looked like they were literally -- Nancy's mask was the biggest mask I think I've ever seen," Trump said.

Both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Kamala Harris kept their masks on while sitting behind President Joe Biden. Biden entered the chamber wearing a mask, but he took it off to speak.

(Photo by MICHAEL REYNOLDS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
(Photo by MICHAEL REYNOLDS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

He and "Nancy" elbow-bumped when Biden arrived at the podium.

"But they love those masks, and everybody in that room was -- had the vaccine. Everybody in that room was in good shape. They could have done it much differently," Trump said:

For Joe Biden to walk outside to announce you don't have to wear masks outside, now people knew that for a long time. But he walks outside to tell you don't need masks outside and he's wearing a mask. He's outside doing it, and he walks up in a mask.

Look, this country has got to get their schools back. It's got to get these cities open. It's all -- in all cases, Democrat. When you look at Florida, Texas and various other places, they had a much relaxed policy, and yet they had far fewer deaths, relatively speaking. They had far more economic success.

New York has been so badly hurt. It's going to take a long time to recover. California was so badly hurt. I mean, these places, some of the places, there's never been any place that was tougher than Michigan, and Michigan had an outbreak the likes of which you haven't seen since the very beginning.

So, you know, it's very sad. When you looked on television last night, they could have had fewer people in the room than a packed room like I had when I did it. I understand that. But to have a room that was so sparse and to have everybody wearing masks and everybody has the -- you know, they all got the shots. But they all have masks. It doesn't show very much confidence. You know, they want to build confidence in the vaccine because not everybody wants to take it because they have their freedoms, and they don't want to take it.

They want to show confidence in the vaccines and then you see something like you saw last night, a room loaded up with masks. I'm telling you, the people looked like they were choking on their masks. I've never seen anything like it.

Trump, asked about schools reopening, noted that there's "no problem whatsoever" with sending kids back to classrooms:

"The teachers’ union totally controls this administration, and for whatever reason, they just don't want to go back to work. It's a terrible thing.

"And one of the other things beyond the unions, the stimulus is making it so that people will not work. So people all over the country, small businesses, cannot get people to work. You see it in restaurants. You see it all over," Trump said.

"They can't get people to work. Because they're competing with this stimulus money -- that if they work, they're not getting the stimulus money and the stimulus money is more -- so they're trying to get their businesses open and they cannot get employees. It's a tough situation."

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