Pelosi Erupts: 'I Don't Hate Anyone'

By Susan Jones | December 5, 2019 | 10:52am EST
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) (Photo: Screen capture)
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) (Photo: Screen capture)

( - "Do you hate the president?" a reporter asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as she walked out of her regular Thursday  news conference.

She stopped short and grew angry, then returned to the podium:

"This is about the Constitution of the United States and the facts that lead to the president's violation of his oath of office.

"And as a Catholic, I resent you using the word 'hate' in a sentence that addresses me. I don't hate anyone. I was raised in a way that is heart full of love.

"I always pray for the president, and I still pray for the president. I pray for the president all the time. So don't mess with me when it comes to words like that," she said, as she stalked off.

Pelosi said she thinks Trump is a "coward" when it comes to gun violence; "cruel" when he doesn't address the Dreamers' situation; and she said he's "in denial" about the climate crisis. But those are election issues, she said, while impeachment is a "constitutional" matter.

Pelosi (D-Calif.) began her weekly news conference Thursday as she usually does, emphasizing the legislation that Democrats are pursing "for the people." She does so routinely in an attempt to show that Democrats are not just about impeachment, although that's all anyone hears about these days.

"The facts and the Constitution give us no choice but to impeach...the president," Pelosi said, when she finally got around to the main topic of the day.

And that's all reporters wanted to talk about when Pelosi finished her opening remarks.

Pelosi said impeachment isn't about partisanship, politics or Ukraine -- it's really about Russia:

This isn't -- we are saying Ukraine. The Ukraine was the vehicle of the president's actions. Asking a president of another country to make an announcement that he was investigating the president's political opponent and withholding military assistance that was voted by the Congress of the United States unless and until ... the president did so. This isn't about Ukraine. This is about Russia who benefited by our withholding that military assistance. Russia, it's about Russia.

Russia invading eastern Ukraine, over 10,000 people died, now maybe 13,000. Some of them in the absence of our conveying that military assistance that was voted in a bipartisan way by the Congress of the United States. So sometimes people say, well, I don't know about Ukraine. I don't know that much about Ukraine.

Well, our adversary in this is Russia. All roads lead to Putin. Understand that. And so that was the 'aha moment' where we had seen all the other cases. We had the obstruction of justice, but we didn't have as much information as to what he was obstructing on, because the White House was withholding the information and not enabling us -- that even Richard Nixon enabled us to have the grand jury testimony.

Pelosi refused to say if elements of the Mueller report will make their way into articles of impeachment. That will be up to the committees of jurisdiction, she said.


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