Mark Levin Explains Why 'There's Great Disrespect for the Media Today'

Susan Jones | August 29, 2019 | 9:55am EDT
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Conservative talk show host Mark Levin says the "anti-American" press is doing its best to undermine a "pro-American" president. (Photo: Screen capture)

( - "There's great disrespect for the media today," conservative talk show host Mark Levin told Fox News's Sean Hannity Wednesday night.

"They have a credibility problem, thanks to them. They've turned off half of America. They treat half of America with utter contempt."

Levin pointed to news networks where liberalism thrives:

You know, the days of Huntley-Brinkley and Howard K. Smith are long over. Can you imagine? What have we heard over the last two years?

They bring on a porn actress hundreds of times; her now soon-to-be felonious lawyer hundreds of times. They bring on a neo-Nazi, Jake Tapper did, to try to attack the president. They had to fire an anti-Semitic professor over there at CNN. Doing better than the New York Times, who still has their anti-Semitic senior editor.

Race-baiting professors endlessly. Ex-Obama officials with their vicious allegations against the president. Never-Trumpers who nobody's ever heard of before with their vicious allegations against the president.

And what do we hear day in and day out from our unpatriotic media? That the president's Hitler. Do they know who Hitler is? That the president's Stalin. That he's Mussolini. That he's a white supremacist. That he's a racist, a bigot, an anti-Semite, a dictator. I just wrote these down when I hear(d) them. A neo-Nazi. He's depraved, he's treasonous. He's demented. Mentally ill. Serial liar. Compromised.

I mean, to me, that all sounds like Joe Scarborough, but what do I know.

Now what else do they push? Russia collusion - lie! The dossier -- lie! Impeachment -- bizarre. Obstruction -- lie! So of course the public's turning on the press. And the president has every right to defend himself.

Levin held up various books he said are used to indoctrinate young journalism students, who are now taught to wrap the news in social activism.

"One final thing," he continued:

"This president has been nice to the media. Hello! Nice to the media. Unlike John Adams and Abraham Lincoln and Woodrow Wilson, he didn't shut down any newspapers. He didn't imprison any journalists. Unlike FDR and JFK and LBJ, Trump hasn't unleashed the IRS against a single news publisher. They did.

"Unlike Barack Obama -- the great Barack Obama -- Trump hasn't surveilled "New York Times" columnists or fox reporters or 20 Associated Press reporters. And yet, they hate him. Why do they hate him? Because he's pro-American and they're anti-American. That's the only explanation. That's it!"


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