Mark Levin: Corporate Media Is Fueling Riots, Divisiveness, Hate

Susan Jones | November 12, 2021 | 9:12am EST
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Media coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse case is politically and racially charged. (Photo: Screen shot)
Media coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse case is politically and racially charged. (Photo: Screen shot)

( - Coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial by liberal corporate media has brought one thing into sharp focus: "I think as a people we have to conclude that the media in America today are racist, they are corrupt and they are evil," conservative talk show host Mark Levin told Fox News's Sean Hannity Thursday night.

They have no intention of reporting the news, they have no intention of seeking to be objective or impartial. We've seen that for years now. And the American people hold the media in this country in contempt.

The problem is, you have these massive corporations -- like AT&T owns CNN and Comcast owns MSNBC and you go down the list -- and they basically immunize these phony news-slash-propaganda outfits. So it doesn't matter if they get ratings, it doesn't matter what they say.

When you watch the kind of people MSNBC has as hosts -- Joy Reid, a flatout bigot; and you watch the other people they bring on -- this Michael Eric Dyson, and others who just are predictable in the outrageous and poisonous things that they say.

I believe the media in this country is helping to fuel riots, it's helping to fuel divisiveness, it's helping to fuel hate in this country. And you can see we're at each other's throats, where that wasn't really the case before.

And they work with the Democratic Party. They promote AOC and Pressley and Tlaib and Omar -- these are anti-Semites, these are bigots. It's just appalling, the use of Jim Crow when a Republican legislature is actually putting in (election) statutes that are more liberal than what they have in Democrat Delaware where Joe Biden spent his entire life. And more and more this is going on. They are mainstreaming bigotry.

Levin said the prosecutor in the Rittenhouse case should have ethics complaints filed against him.

Not only are the charges against Kyle Rittenhouse "thin," they were rushed, filed within 36-48 hours of the shootings, before all the "facts" were assessed, Levin said.

“They were politically motivated. They did not have a case. That's why they resorted to violating the Constitution, and that's why this prosecutor's ass should be before an ethics committee in front of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin.”

"Your job as a prosecutor is to get to the truth," Levin said. "You represent the government, you represent the state. And so what's happening here, is these prosecutors that Soros puts in, or they're just weak on their own -- they respond to the mob. And right now we have mob justice, depending on who you are and what the situation is.

“Even tonight in Kenosha the police are preparing for possible violence if the jury doesn't rule the way the mob wants them to rule, the way the media want them to rule, the way Hakeem Jeffries and the Democrats want them to rule, the way LeBron James and other Democrats want them to rule.”

Rittenhouse faces six charges: first-degree reckless homicide; first degree intentional homicide; attempted first-degree intentional homicide; recklessly endangering safety; underage weapon possession; and use of a dangerous weapon.

Levin praised Rittenhouse's willingness to take the stand in his own defense. "And he withstood the lies and the attacks by the prosecutor trying to trick him. He's 18 years old. He was absolutely outstanding. He defended himself. If this kid hadn't shot Rosenbaum, he'd be dead; if this kid hadn't shot Huber, he'd be dead; if this kid hadn't shot Grosskreutz, he'd be dead.

Levin noted that the corporate media doesn't say anything about the violent, criminal backgrounds of the two men Rittenhouse says he shot and killed in self-defense. “So my view is, this is disgusting."

Levin also questioned why the governor of Wisconsin refused then-President Donald Trump's offer of reinforcements to quell the Kenosha rioting: "He said no. Why isn't he responsible for anything -- the rioters responsible for anything? And this damn, disgusting media that tries to turn American against American. It is outrageous."

Levin singled out MSNBC's "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough, who -- echoing a guest on his show -- said on Thursday, "If Kyle Rittenhouse had been a black guy, had gone up with an AR-15 around his neck and talked to police officers, they wouldn't have treated him the way they treated Kyle Rittenhouse..."

Levin noted that everyone involved in this case is white. "What is Joe Scarborough, the whitest guy on TV, even talking about? What in the hell does this have to do with race? The issue is, whether this Kyle Rittenhouse, this young man, had a right to defend himself. And the answer is, absolutely yes!"

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