Ex-AG Sessions: 'One of the Most Shocking Things' in IG's FISA Report Is Lying Lawyer

Susan Jones | December 12, 2019 | 7:30am EST
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(CNSNews.com) - "One of the most shocking things was that a lawyer there (at the FBI), who prepared and was involved in writing the FISA warrant, apparently flatly changed an email to further his agenda," former Attorney General Jeff Sessions told Fox News's Laura Ingraham Wednesday night.

"This is unbelievable, and it certainly needs to be investigated thoroughly. It could very well be a crime," Sessions said.

"In my experience, as 15 years as a federal prosecutor, I've never seen anything like that. I think that's a stunning development in the seriousness of a FISA warrant involving a presidential campaign," he added.

The inspector general, in both his written report and oral testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, said an FBI attorney failed to tell the Justice Department lawyer writing the FISA application that Carter Page had a prior relationship with "another government agency" (the CIA) -- after the FBI attorney was "specifically asked" in September 2016 "whether Carter Page had a current or prior relationship" with that agency.

Sen. Lindsey Graham discussed it in detail at Wednesday's hearing, which he chaired:

There's a guy named Clinesmith who eventually alters an email from the CIA to the Department of Justice and the FBI ... I'm jumping ahead here, but when you read this report, what they find is that a lawyer supervising the FISA process at the FBI, according to Mr. Horowitz, doctored an email from the CIA to the FBI  and he is going to be referred for criminal prosecution.

Why is that important? Carter Page, who's been on the receiving end of all of this, the foundation to believe he was a foreign agent comes from a dossier that we'll talk about in a minute. In that dossier, provided by Christopher Steele, and we'll talk about him in a minute -- they claim that Carter Page meets with three people known to be Russians -- Russian agents, people associated with Russia.

Carter Page, while being wiretapped by his government, says, I don't know two of these people; and to this day, there is no proof that he ever met two of those three. The third person he says, yeah, I met him. I told the CIA about my meeting, because I was a source for the CIA.

So they would have you believe that Carter Page is working against our government, not with our government. So Carter Page, in the summer of 2017, is trying to tell anybody and everybody, I was working with the CIA I reported my contact with this person. And nobody believed him. The CIA had told the FBI it was true earlier.

But it never made it through the system. Somebody got so rattled at the FBI they asked Mr. Clinesmith to check it out. He checks it out. He communicates with the CIA-- is Carter page a source for you? In an email exchange they say, yes, he is. What does Mr. Clinesmith do? He alters the email to say, no, he is not. And you caught him. I don't know how you caught him, because you gotta dig into this email chain.

It would be like getting a lab report from the FBI, the fingerprints don't match, and the agent says they do. That's how bad this is.

So now let me tell you a little bit about Mr. Clinesmith ...This is the lawyer supervising the FISA warrant process, the guy that altered this CIA email because he didn't want the court to know that Carter Page actually was a source. And why does that matter? Because if the court had known, then there is a lawful reason for Mr. Page to be talking to the Russian guy.

He wasn't working against his country, he was working with his country, which undercuts the idea he is a foreign agent. That's why Clinesmith lied, because he didn't want to stop this investigation.

Graham also noted that Clinesmith wrote emails describing his devastation at Trump's election and saying, "The crazies won finally."

"This is the lawyer that they put in charge of supervising the warrant process!" Graham exclaimed.


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