Rev. Graham Warns President Biden: 'Omitting God is a Dangerous Thing'

By Michael W. Chapman | May 7, 2021 | 3:14pm EDT
Rev. Franklin Graham.  (Getty Images)
Rev. Franklin Graham. (Getty Images)

(CNS News) -- Commenting on President Joe Biden's decision to not include the word "God," or any reference to God, in his National Day of Prayer Proclamation, Rev. Franklin Graham said Biden was the first president to omit the word "God," and warned the Democratic president, "Omitting God is a dangerous thing."

"Why would President Biden omit God?" wrote Graham in a May 6 post on Facebook.

"Today marks the 70th annual National Day of Prayer, and by law since 1952 a presidential proclamation must be issued for the day," he said. "I was deeply saddened to read that President Biden is the first president to omit the word “God” in his proclamation."

President Joe Biden (D).  (Getty Images)
President Joe Biden (D). (Getty Images)

"That speaks volumes, doesn’t it?" said Graham, son of the late Pastor Billy Graham. "It is hard to believe we have come this far."

"Omitting God is a dangerous thing," said Graham.  

"He is who we as individuals and as a nation need to call on for help," added Graham.  "He created us and made salvation possible for us through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. Prayers to anyone or anything else are to no avail."

"Join me in praying to Almighty God on behalf of our nation," concluded Graham, 'Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.'"

As CNS News reported today, Biden's proclamation makes no reference to God, the Almighty, Providence, or any similar term.

(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Only in the formal closing paragraph of the proclamation does the formula “in the year of our Lord” – customary in presidential proclamations – appear preceding the year of issue.'"

"In President Trump’s 2020 proclamation, 'God' was used ten times, 'Almighty God' once, and 'the Almighty' once, in some cases in quotes from George Washington and Ronald Reagan," reported CNS News. "Trump also cited Abraham Lincoln and the Declaration of Independence, and quoted an excerpt of a New Testament verse (1 John 5:14)."

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