Rev. Graham: 'Pray That God' Will 'Spare Our Nation From the Evil That is Before Us'

By Michael W. Chapman | December 28, 2020 | 10:53am EST
Rev. Franklin Graham.   (Screenshot, FNC)
Rev. Franklin Graham. (Screenshot, FNC)

In a Christmas Eve message about the state of affairs in the United States, Rev. Franklin Graham called on Americans to pray for President Donald Trump and for our nation, that God will spare us "from the evil that is before us."

In the Dec. 24 post on Facebook, Graham wrote, "Our country is in such a mess politically and spiritually. I would like to ask you to especially pray for our nation and our president this weekend."

Pray that God’s hand would be on President Donald J. Trump and protect him, and that He would give him wisdom in the coming days," said Graham.

(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

"And pray that God would spare our nation from the evil that is before us," he added. 

"Will you join me in praying?" said Graham.  "God might still perform a miracle at the midnight hour. His power is without limits."

Two days before he posted this message, Rev. Graham cited former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) and a column he wrote about the 2020 election.

He quoted Gingrich as follows, "I write this in genuine sorrow, because I think we are headed toward a serious, bitter struggle in America. This extraordinary, coordinated four-year power grab threatens the fabric of our country and the freedom of every American."

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