Gallup: 54% Prefer Health Care Based on Private Insurance, 42% Want Govt-Run Health Care

Michael W. Chapman | December 5, 2019 | 11:37am EST
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( -- A new survey shows that while some Americans have warmed to the idea of government-run health care, a majority of Americans, 54%, prefer a health care system that is based on private insurance. 

Only 42% of Americans prefer a government-run health care program.

In the Nov. 1-14 survey, Gallup asked, "which of the following approaches for providing health care in the United States would you prefer -- ?"


Fifty-four percent said they prefer a private insurance system and 42% said they prefer a government-run system.

"Although more Americans have warmed to the idea of a greater government role in paying for health care, it remains the minority view in the U.S.," reported Gallup. 

"This could create a challenge in a general election campaign for a Democratic presidential nominee advocating a 'Medicare for All' or other health care plan that would greatly expand the government's role in the health care system," said the polling firm. 

Broken down by political party, the survey showed that 65% of Democrats want government-run health care. 

Only 46% of Independents prefer a socialized, government-controlled program, and only 13% of Republicans support such a plan. 

(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

"While Americans tend not to favor government-run health care, they do believe the federal government has a responsibility to ensure that all Americans have health care coverage," said Gallup.  "In the current survey, 54% hold this view, while 45% say it is not the government's responsibility."

"Americans have complex views on health care, with a majority saying the government should make sure everyone has coverage -- but not necessarily pay for it through a government-run system," reported the polling firm.  

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