Milwaukee Mayor: ‘Unlike the President, We’ve Never Called COVID-19 a Hoax’

By Melanie Arter | August 19, 2020 | 10:18am EDT
 Milwaukee's Democratic Mayor Tom Barrett (Photo by John Gress/Corbis via Getty Images)
Milwaukee's Democratic Mayor Tom Barrett (Photo by John Gress/Corbis via Getty Images)

( - Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett kicked off day two of the Democratic National Convention by criticizing President Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

Barrett said that the DNC convention is “not a conventional convention.”

“I would love to be welcoming you to my home city right now. The good people of Milwaukee and I were so excited when we learned that our resilient city was chosen to host the 2020 Democratic National Convention. It was the first time a major political party chose Wisconsin to hold its convention, but these are not conventional times, and as a result, as we all know, this is not a conventional convention,” he said.

The mayor said that unlike Trump, Democrats have “never belittled our public health experts” or made fun of face masks.

“And as much as we would have loved to host you in person, I am proud that the Democratic Party and the city of Milwaukee have made the health of our residents our number one priority. Unlike the president, we’ve never called COVID-19 a hoax. Unlike the president, we’ve never made fun of face masks, and unlike the president, we’ve never belittled our public health experts,” Barrett said.

“We understand why we can’t be together this week, and I hope you do too, and as our party comes together virtually to nominate Joe Biden to be our next president, we’re showing the country that we’re nominating a leader who isn’t afraid to make tough choices or to work with health experts, not against them to address this pandemic,” he added.

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