Cuomo: 'We're Going to a Different Place, Which Is a New Normal'

Melanie Arter | April 15, 2020 | 2:44pm EDT
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(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)
(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)

( - New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo predicted “a new normal” when the state’s economy reopens - in the environment, economics, civil rights, and social justice.

“People are restless. We have to talk about the reopening of the economy. How do we do this? We have to build a bridge, from where we are to the reopening of the economy. Well, what does that look like?” he said during a press conference on Wednesday.

“Let's say that where we're going it's not a reopening, in that we are going to reopen what was. We are going to a different place, and we should go to a different place, and we should go to a better place. If we don't learn the lessons from this situation, that all of this will have been in vain,” Cuomo said.
“So we're going to a different place, which is a new normal. We talk about the new normal. We've been talking about the new normal for years. We are going to have a new normal in public health. By the way, the way we have a new normal in an environment, the new normal in economics, a new normal in civil rights, a new normal and social justice, right? This is the way of the world now,” he said.
“We're moving to a new place, and we are moving to a challenging place, but also potentially better place,” Cuomo said.
To answer the question, “When is this over?” the governor said, “It's over when we have a vaccine,” which could be 12 to 18 months from now with clinical trials.
He said that the total number of hospitalizations, admissions, and intubations are down in his state.
“Total hospitalizations, clicked down, still in the 18,000, but it clicked down. Good news,” the governor said.

“You see a flattening of the curve, all these new expressions we've never used before. Plateau, flattening, rounding. Net change in hospitalizations down, that's good news. Three-day rolling average -- because remember, any one of these days of reporting, this is a new reporting system. It is imprecise. I wouldn't bet the farm on any one day's numbers, but a three day average starts to be a little more accurate,” Cuomo said.

“I see admissions are down. That's good. Intubations are down. That's very good news just on a real-life level. When a person is intubated, they're on a ventilator,” he said, adding that “80 percent of the people will never come off the ventilator, or thereabouts.”

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