Muslim Parents Protest Explicit LGBT Books in Dearborn’s Public Schools

Lauren Shank | October 20, 2022 | 5:21pm EDT
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Muslim parents protest outside the Henry Ford Centennial Library in Dearborn, Mich., Sept. 25, 2022. (Twitter)
Muslim parents protest outside the Henry Ford Centennial Library in Dearborn, Mich., Sept. 25, 2022. (Twitter)

(CNS News) – Parents, particularly those of the Muslim community, have had enough of the LGBTQ-affirming books circulating in the public schools of Dearborn, Michigan. Recently, a father of three kids in Dearborn, Hassan Shami, rallied parents to oppose LGBTQ ideology in schools and make known it is not homophobic but “all it is, is protecting our children.”

“There’s a book that was banned and was called, This Book is Gay. And I tell you if the book was called, This Book is Straight, we’re still going to go after it,” said Shami in a video posted Oct. 19 on Twitter. “It’s teaching kids how to go online and have sexual intercourse with others on the internet.” (The protest occurred on Sept. 25 outside the Henry Ford Centenniel Library.)

He continued, “This is wrong. You do not expose kids to sexually explicit material … there’s a poster right here to my right that I had them cover up. I, as an adult am – 33-year-old adult – told them to cover it up because I’m embarrassed to look at this.”

“You think I want a 13-year-old to look at it? This is ridiculous,” he said furiously. “Any semi-decent human being -- homosexual or heterosexual -- knows when they look in the mirror that kids should not be exposed to this.”

His expressed anger was one of many Dearborn parents who voiced their opposition over promoting LGBTQ ideology in school libraries. As Newsweek reported, a Dearborn school board meeting was held on Oct. 13 that led to parents booing Dearborn resident Brian Stone and Dearborn Public Schools alumnae Jojo Gremel, both members of the LGBTQ community.

“Because people who want to ban books about gay people and come up and use words like ‘pedophile’ to describe gay people – who use words like ‘sexual perversion’ to describe gay people – you’re not trying to ban a book, you’re trying to ban gay people,” Stone said to the crowd of parents at the school board meeting.

Gremel later remarked to the board, “When you are young, it is incredibly difficult to be unable to put names to what you’re feeling and experiencing. Had I been aware of the books and resources available to students in the libraries, I have no doubt I would have had an easier time accepting myself.”

(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

However, four out of six books pulled from a school library had LGBTQ content in them, according to the Dearborn district as Firstpost had reported.

As of Oct. 5, Dearborn Public Schools released new criteria for how books in their libraries will be evaluated and how parents can address any opposition they may have towards specific titles. While the district will continue to offer a wide variety of reading materials, they will create “a more formal structure to review the age-appropriateness of materials, especially in regard to issues such as sexually explicit or violent content.”

The Parent Opt Out for Media Materials form will give parents the freedom to choose what books their children can and cannot access. If parents are concerned about a particular book offered in the library, they can go through a book challenge process to attempt to remove it from the system.

Hasan Shami speaks outside the Henry Ford Centennial Library in Dearborn, Mich., Sept. 25, 2022.  (Twitter)
Hasan Shami speaks outside the Henry Ford Centennial Library in Dearborn, Mich., Sept. 25, 2022. (Twitter)

“We as parents – who are raising our children – are responsible for our children. Our school cannot indoctrinate our children. The progressive dogma from the top down that has public schools in a choke hold will not indoctrinate our children,” said Hassan Shami.

“But listen, we are not here to work against the school board,” he said.  “We’re not here to antagonize the school board. We’re here to work with the school board because the school board of trustees that ask us to trust them with our kids – so they will listen to us cause we elected them into office.”

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