NYC Black Lives Matter Activist Calls Police ‘Big Babies,’ Quotes Bible

By Bailey Duran | August 4, 2020 | 3:56pm EDT
Left-wing activist Hank Newsome.  (Getty Images)
Left-wing activist Hank Newsome. (Getty Images)

(CNS News)—Black Lives Matter activist Hawk Newsome said the police are “a bunch of big babies,” and that he challenges police across the nation to “gird up their loins” and accept that they have “done wrong,” during a July 17 radio interview on FOX’s Kilmeade & Friends.

Host Brian Kilmeade started the conversation by asking Newsome, “Would you agree with [Police Chief] Terrence Monahan that, right now, there’s a lot of animosity towards police right now in New York more than ever?”

“Here’s the problem,” Newsome said, “Cops have screwed up a lot, and now they’re being reprimanded from both sides.”

Hank Newsome and other activists.  (Getty Images)
Hank Newsome and other activists. (Getty Images)

Newsome added that some Republican and Democrat lawmakers have criticized police in recent months, but the officers were not handling the scrutiny well.

“They’re responding like a bunch of big babies,” Newsome said. “They’re whining, they’re complaining, ‘Oh, our morale is low. Oh, I’m sad, people don’t have faith in us.’”

Newsome continued, “I believe in the Bible, it says, ‘Gird up thy loins.’ Well, I challenge police across the country to gird up their loins and accept the fact they’ve done wrong and correct it,  instead of digging their heels in and crying.”

Kilmeade responded that New York used to be the “safest big city in the country,” and asked, “What do you mean they’ve been screwing up?”

Newsome then mentioned multiple high-level cases of police brutality, some that date back to over 25 years ago. “Let’s not live under any delusions,” he said, “you can enforce the law and obey the law at the same time.”

“Now, we start talking about safety first, then we might as well throw the Constitution out the window,” Newsome continued.

“Well, I don’t know what you mean by that, but I will say this,” remarked Kilmeade. “How many interactions do you think in New York alone cops have with everyday people? And then you point out these situations, many of which paid the price with prison, and you’re going back 20-25 years to high-profile cases. So you think cops are the main problem?”

Shootings in New York have passed the number of shootings for all of 2019, with five months left in 2020. There were 776 shootings in 2019 and, as of last count, there were 777 shootings in 2020 with some that have not been added to the count yet, according to Fox News.

The uptick in violence comes after Black Lives Matter protests sparked a “defund the police” movement that resulted in $1 billion taken from NYPD’s budget.

This decrease in funds caused the NPYD to remove their plain-clothes unit (600 officers) who patrolled the streets of NYC.

Retired NYPD sergeant Joseph Giacalone said of the violence, “It only gets worse from here.”

The Black Lives Matter Global Network, a radical Marxist organization dedicated to disrupting the nuclear family structure and promoting homosexuality, has stated that Hank Newsome is not affiliated with their organization.

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