Benham Bros. on Gay Marriage: ‘We Are Not Bowing to an Agenda’ Staff | May 22, 2015 | 4:45pm EDT
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David and Jason Benham. (Facebook)

( -- David and Jason Benham said they will not back down in their opposition to gay marriage at an event sponsored by the Family Research Council (FRC) in Washington, D.C., declaring that “we are not bowing to an agenda.”

The Benham brothers, who founded a multi-million-dollar real estate empire, rose to national attention in 2014 when their upcoming HGTV reality TV show “Flip It Forward” was cancelled as a result of their allegedly “anti-gay” beliefs.

HGTV had asked for their views on gay marriage, due to an anonymous tip that the brothers were “homophobic.”

David Benham responded: “If they are asking us to endorse gay marriage, if they are asking us to minimize marriage between a man and a woman, you can kiss our show goodbye. We are not bowing to an agenda.”

On Thursday, the Benham brothers once again defended their position opposing gay marriage. “Theology needs to be your biography,” David Benham said, adding that they would never compromise their faith for good public opinion.

The brothers attributed their strong faith values to their father, Flip Benham, an evangelical Christian minister, pointing out that families are essential to establishing truth in the culture. Jason and David Benham both said that they have been inspired by him from a young age. 

Flip Benham’s website “Operation Save America” promotes traditional conservative values. At one point, David Benham mentioned an early memory of his father being beaten by law enforcement officials because of his pro-life beliefs.

Flip Benham supported his sons during the backlash that occurred as a result of their traditional views on marriage, telling his sons that they must face their fears and stand firm in speaking out against gay marriage.

But when the twin brothers had their first interview with CNN after the cancellation of their show, they admitted they tried to be as non-controversial as possible. “It was hard for me to listen to,” their father said.

Commenting on the 202 nationally broadcasted interviews they’ve done since then, David said that “the Word of God was burning in our hearts.” He specifically mentioned an interview with Fox & Friends last October, saying that “the Holy Spirit spoke through us.”

The brothers published a best-selling book in 2014 entitled Whatever the Cost, which they say will help others in similar situations stay true to their Christian faith.

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