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Rep. Becerra on Whether a 20 Week Old Unborn Child is a Human Being
January 27, 2015
Democrat Caucus Chair Won’t Say if Unborn Baby at 20 Weeks is ‘Human Being’  
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Students For Life President at Pro-Life Protest Outside Rep. Ellmers' Office
January 23, 2015
Millennials Protest Ellmers' Efforts to Delay and Dilute Pro-Life Bill  
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Hoyer Won't Say Whether 20 Week Old Unborn Child is a Human Being
January 22, 2015
Is 20-Week-Old Unborn Child a Human Being? Hoyer: ‘This Is Not a Real Issue’ See More at:...
Pelosi Won't Say Whether 20 Week Old Unborn Child is a Human Being
January 22, 2015
Pelosi Won't Say if Unborn Baby at 20 Weeks is a 'Human Being'  
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Rep. King: A Child is a Human Being from 'Conception to Natural Death'
January 21, 2015
Rep. King: 20-Week-Old Unborn Child is a Human, ‘Anyone Who’s Picked Up a Baby' Knows That See More at:...
Senate Committee Chair: 'I Doubt We're Going To a Gas Tax'
January 21, 2015
Finance Chair Orrin Hatch: ‘I Doubt We’re Going to a Gas Tax’ See More at:...
E&E Legal General Counsel on EPA-Funded Studies Using 10-Year-Olds as Human Guinea Pigs
January 21, 2015
FOIA: EPA Funded Diesel Exhaust Experiments on 10-Year-Olds See More at:...
Use Reconciliation to Repeal Obamacare? Sen. Lee 'Yes'
January 20, 2015
Sen. Mike Lee: ‘Yes,’ Use Reconciliation to Repeal Obamacare  
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Sen. Graham: 'Whatever We Can Do to Repeal Obamacare, Count Me in'
January 20, 2015
Sen. Graham Unsure If Repealing Obamacare by Reconciliation is ‘Best’ Way  
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Virginia Organic Farmer on Green Group's Claim That Stonewall Jackson Slept on Her Land
January 16, 2015
Green Group Accused of Fabricating Stonewall-Jackson-Slept-Here Claim  
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Alveda King: 'Abortion is a Very Violent Act in the Womb of the Woman'
January 9, 2015
Alveda King on ‘Black Lives Matter’ – ‘From Conception to Natural Death’  
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Sen. Cardin: No Comment on Publishing Satirical Mohammed Cartoons, Condemns Violence
January 7, 2015
Cardin Doesn't Say Whether Wrong to Publish Muhammed Cartoons, Condemns Violence  
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