Politically Correct Piers Morgan Falls Prey to Political Correctness in Furor Over Transgenderism

February 6, 2014 | 6:28 PM EST

Piers Morgan was left aghast on the 5 February 2014 edition of his CNN program over "being viciously abused by the transgender community," in his words, over an interview he conducted with author Janet Mock the previous evening. Mock, who claims transgendered status, expressed outrage on Twitter over the way Morgan handled the LGBT issue, which led to the CNN host receiving a "firestorm" of criticism from left-wing activists online.

Morgan brought Mock back on for a second interview, and repeatedly whined that he shouldn't have been "vilified" by the author's supporters because he has been an "open supporter" of the LGBT activists' agenda:

PIERS MORGAN: I have spent an infuriating 24 hours – and I want you to explain why I've had to go through this because – let me start from this premise. I have always been 100 percent supportive of all gay rights, gay marriage rights, transgender rights. In fact, I want equality for everyone in America and around the world. That's always been my position. Anyone who watches this show knows that's exactly what I've always stood for.

I had you on the show. You had – you wrote a very powerful book. I did nothing but laud your courage. I said you're a fantastic person to be out there – center stage – sending the message that there's no need to stigmatize transgender people. I called you a woman throughout the interview. I never disputed the fact that you're a woman. And yet today, I have spent literally 12 hours being viciously abused by the transgender community – egged on by your own Tweeting last night – that you were somehow very dismayed by the way the interview had gone.