Only CBS Mentions Harry Reid Cancer Funding Gaffe

October 3, 2013 - 12:24 PM
Only CBS Mentions Harry Reid Cancer Funding Gaffe

From the 2 October 2013 edition of CBS Evening News:

NANCY CORDES (on-camera, from press conference): Why are you pushing for monuments to be opened instead of – say, Head Start preschools for low-income children? Isn't it all important?

REP. ERIC CANTOR, (R), HOUSE MAJORITY LEADER: That is coming as well, okay? We are going to take every issue that is out there that we have agreement on, and put it on the floor. And we will pass the funding bills to go to the Senate.

CORDES (voice-over): Senate Democrats vowed to block the bills, and most House Democrats voted no.

REP. JOYCE BEATTY, (D), OHIO (from speech on House of Representatives floor): It's like asking a large family – for the parents to pick three children to feed, and let the others starve before their eyes.

CORDES (live): Senate Democrats say the only funding they'll agree to, is a bill that funds the full government – no strings attached. In fact, Scott, today, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was asked if he would be open to funding cancer research for kids only. And his response was, 'Why would I do that?'