Obama Admin. Admits Up to 310,000 Enrolled in ObamaCare Without Proof of Residency; Networks Yawn

August 13, 2014 | 10:38 PM EDT

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The Big Three networks' evening newscasts on Wednesday failed to notice the Obama administration's revelation about ObamaCare: that more than 300,000 people who signed up for health plans under the controversial law could lose them because they failed to prove they were legal residents of the U.S.Instead, ABC's World News aired a full report on a "beauty queen's" insurance scam, while CBS Evening News gave 19-second news brief on the Perseid meteor shower.

Elizabeth Hartfield detailed the federal government's admission in an online report for CNN.com's Political Ticker blog. CNN anchor Michaela Pereira summarized this reporting during a 18-second news brief on Wednesday's New Day:

MICHAELA PEREIRA: The Obama administration is issuing a warning to hundreds of thousands of people who have purchased health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. They could lose it without proof of citizenship or legal residency. Officials say more than 300,000 people could be affected. They have until September 5 to submit the proper documentation.