Ed Schultz Rewrites History to Ignore His Bogus ObamaCare Prediction

March 13, 2014 | 6:29 PM EDT

[For more, see video cross-posted at NewsBusters.] Apparently, Ed Schultz doesn't mean it when he says "get your tapes rolling at home." The MSNBC anchor on Wednesday attempted to rewrite his bogus, boastful prediction about ObamaCare. On December 11, 2013, Schultz prognosticated: "I'm going to make a prediction tonight. It's going to hit 5 million by March 1st. That's right. Five million people signed up by March 1st. Get your tapes rolling at home folks because it's going to be a big 'I told you so.'" The just-released ObamaCare numbers for the end of February state that 4.2 million Americans have enrolled. Talking to Michael Hiltzik of the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday, Schultz whitewashed his prediction, announcing, "Well, I predicted five million people are going to sign up by the end of this month. We're closing on it on that number." No, that's not what he predicted.