CBS Hounds Gates on Book 'Turmoil'; Wonders Why He Didn't Follow Advice to 'Shut Up'

January 14, 2014 | 2:15 PM EST

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Rita Braver badgered former Defense Secretary Robert Gates on the January 12, 2013 edition of CBS's Sunday Morning over his new memoir which, in her words, "has created such turmoil in Washington." Braver even used Gates's own words against him: "In your book, you say that one of your favorite adages is, never miss a good chance to shut up. And I wonder if you think, maybe, you violated your own advice here."

The correspondent's hardball treatment of the former Obama cabinet official contrasts with her kid glove treatment of Attorney General Eric Holder during a September 12, 2010 interview for the morning show:

RITA BRAVER (voice-over): Ignoring political pressure is Holder's constant message as he talks to Justice Department lawyers in places like Mobile, Alabama....When he took office last February, [cheering crowd] he got a hero's welcome. It was in part, he believes, a reaction to cronyism and questionable policies advocated in the Bush-era Justice Department....

BRAVER (on-camera): Because you're the first African American Attorney General, do you put any extra pressure on yourself?"

ERIC HOLDER, U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL: Yeah, I certainly feel that. I feel there's a certain responsibility I have.