ABC's Josh Elliott Enthuses: Pope Francis Is Man of the Year for Gay Magazine!

December 18, 2013 | 11:51 AM EST

[See video cross-posted at NewsBusters for more.] Gushing journalists Josh Elliott and Robin Roberts met Pope Francis on Wednesday and thrilled over the fact that a gay magazine has made him "person of the year." The Good Morning America anchors traveled to the Vatican for "Christmas With the Pope." According to Elliott, who aggressively promotes gay rights, "[Pope Francis has] ushered in a kind of truce in the culture wars. When pressed about gays in the church." He gushed, "And both Time magazine and the leading gay magazine, The Advocate, have named him their person of the year." Elliott offered tremendously positive coverage, narrating, "He walks the streets, poses for pictures, embraces the sick and is not afraid to have a bit of fun." ABC wasn't always so friendly. On March 14, correspondent Terry Moran warned, "Pope Francis is a staunch traditionalist. He compared abortion to a death sentence; called gay marriage 'destructive of God's plan."