ABC Gushes Over Meeting Between 'Philomena' and Pope, But Still Vilifies Catholic Church

February 5, 2014 | 3:18 PM EST

The 5 February 2014 edition of ABC's Good Morning America ballyhooed the "breaking news" that Pope Francis shook hands with the real-life inspiration for the anti-Catholic movie "Philiomena" at the Vatican. George Stephanopoulos trumpeted the "moving journey for the woman portrayed by Judi Dench in the Oscar-nominated film" and her "remarkable story."

Cynthia McFadden slantingly gushed that "a woman, once shamed by the Catholic Church for having a baby out of wedlock, was invited today to meet Pope Francis. The times – they are a-changin'." McFadden did her best to boost the movie and failed to mention conservative objections to the production. She also went out of her way to spotlight the United Nations' ideologically-tinged attack on the Church:

CYNTHIA MCFADDEN (on-camera): Like Philomena, an approximate 60,000 unwed Irish Catholic women were forced to give up their babies. Now, Philomena hopes that the Pope may help those women and those children reunite. This all came today in the wake of a scathing U.N. report criticizing the Catholic Church for its – for the child abuse scandals; and also, criticizing the Pope for his attitudes on homosexuality.