Nets Omit Dem Official Blaming Obama for Party Failures in Elections

April 20, 2017 | 11:35 PM EDT

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Following their humiliating defeat in the 2016 election, the Democratic Party found themselves in a terrible place where they were down over 1000 seats through all levels of government since 2008. And according to one high-ranking Party official, one person held the blame. “The number two official for the Democrats says former President Obama is to blame for the Party's recent electoral failures,” Fox News’ Bret Baier reported on Special Report on Thursday, while the Big Three networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) ignored the figure pointing.  

Baier played two clips of Democratic Party Vice Chair Keith Ellison where he ripped into the former President during a forum in Minnesota:

Barack Obama could have been a better Party leader, And I think that the fact that he wasn't has put his legacy in jeopardy … We lost a lot of statehouse seats, governorships, secretaries of states. His true legacy is in danger, and I think that he can't say that he wasn't—he wasn’t part of those losses. I mean, who else?

According to a report by The Hill, Ellison may have gotten a little personal in his criticism. “Ellison added that Obama was ‘great at getting himself elected’ but said he should have worked closer with party leaders to ensure the Democrats were in power to protect his accomplishments,” they reported.