White House Defends Adviser’s $100K Speeches in 2010 for Company Doing Business in Iran

August 6, 2012 - 2:37 PM
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David Plouffe was invited to speak in Africa by an affiliate company of the company you mentioned in the spring of 2010. He gave two speeches on mobile technology and digital communications and had no separate meetings with the company’s leadership. Even the most zelous watchdog group on this issue did not start their campaign on the host company’s holding company until years later. Criticism of Mr. Plouffe now for issues and controversies that developed much later is simply misplaced and I think it should be noted where the criticism is coming from, the RNC. I don’t recall similar criticism from the RNC when senior, senior members of the George W. Bush administration prior to taking office had given paid speeches to companies that – in the case of Credit Swiss and UBS – were cited for violations regarding financing in Iran. And I think this is clearly politics.