Andrea Mitchell Spends Three Days Lobbying to Keep Iran Deal

April 21, 2017 | 11:49 AM EDT

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Since the Trump administration announced Wednesday morning that it would be reviewing the Iran nuclear deal in light of the autocratic regime’s continued support for global terrorism, full-time liberal sycophant and part-time journalist Andrea Mitchell took to NBC’s Today each morning to praise the “historic” agreement implemented by Barack Obama and chastise Donald Trump for trying to “rip it up.”

On Wednesday’s edition of the morning show, Mitchell hailed: “Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says Tehran is complying with the historic agreement signed under the Obama administration to rein in its nuclear program.” However, she fretted: “President Trump is instead focusing on Iran’s terror ties, which six world powers did not consider at the time because they thought it was more important to stop Iran from getting a bomb....the new administration appears to be ready to rip up the deal.”