Conservatives Blast ABC for Pilot Sitcom Based on Life of Gay Sex Columnist

By Barbara Hollingsworth | March 30, 2015 | 12:30 PM EDT


Gay sex columnist Dan Savage appears onstage at the 15th Annual Webby Awards in New York in 2011 wearing a t-shirt promoting his Google campaign against Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum. (AP photo)

( –  A national campaign to protest ABC’s decision to air a pilot sitcom based on the life of LGBT activist and sex columnist Dan Savage was launched Monday by two conservative groups.

“We can only assume you are unaware of Dan Savage’s history of over-the-top obscenity, his radical hate speech, and his venomous anti-Christian bigotry,” Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center (MRC), and Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council (FRC), wrote in a March 16 letter to Ben Sherwood, president of the Disney/ABC Television Group.

According to MRC, Sherwood never responded to the letter.

(See MRC FRC letter to ABC.pdf)

“Disney ABC’s decision to effectively advance Dan Savage’s calls for violence against conservatives and his extremist attacks against people of faith, particularly evangelicals and Catholics, is appalling and outrageous,” Bozell said in a statement. “If hate speech were a crime, this man would be charged with a felony.

“Disney ABC giving Dan Savage a platform for his anti-religious bigotry is mind-boggling and their silence is deafening.

“By creating a pilot based on the life of this hatemonger and bringing him on as a producer, Disney ABC is sending a signal that they endorse Dan Savage’s wish that a man be murdered. He has stated, [Green Party candidate] ‘Carl Romanelli should be dragged behind a pickup truck until there’s nothing left but the rope.’ ABC knows this. We told them explicitly.

“If the production of Family of the Year is allowed to continue, not just Christians but all people of goodwill can only surmise that the company Walt Disney created is endorsing violence.”

Perkins also condemned ABC’s intention to air “a pilot show based on a vile bully like Dan Savage. Do Dan Savage’s over-the top-obscenity, intimidation of teenagers and even violent rhetoric reflect the values of Disney?” Perkins asked.

“Partnering with Dan Savage and endorsing his X-rated message will be abandoning the wholesome values that have attracted millions of families to Walt Disney.”

The Hollywood Reporter described the new sitcom as “a single-camera semi-autobiographical entry based on the LGBT activist/boundary-pushing columnist’s life.” Raising Hope star Martha Plimpton will play the mother of Kenny, a teenaged character based on Savage played by Noah Galvin, who comes out of the closet.

In their letter to Sherwood, Bozell and Perkins documented numerous examples in which the graphic sex columnist and founder of the LGBT activist anti-bullying campaign “It Gets Better” made lewd and even violent comments about those with whom he disagreed, at one point telling talk show host Bill Maher: “I wish [Republicans] were all [expletive deleted] dead.”

Republican presidential candidates Gary Bauer and Rick Santorum were the targets of some of Savage’s most vicious attacks.

Savage admitted that he deliberately tried to spread a flu virus to Bauer during the 2000 Republican primary in Iowa by “seed[ing] his office with germs, [to] get as many of his people sick as I could, and hopefully one of them would infect the candidate.”

He also launched a public campaign urging his fellow gay activists to launch a “Google bomb” of Santorum’s name in an attempt to redefine it as the “byproduct of anal sex.”

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVISt. John Paul II, FRC staff member Josh Duggar, and Dr. Ben Carson, whom he recently challenged to give him oral sex, have also been targets of Savage’s obscene diatribes, the letter pointed out.

Savage’s nationally syndicated sex column, which appears in more than 40 newspapers, is replete with “advice” ranging from encouraging unhappy spouses to cheat on their partners to promoting various forms of sexual perversion, including sadism, masochism, and incest, and even encouraging readers to fantasize about molesting children.

In 2013, Savage said that “abortion should be mandatory for about 30 years.” He also organizes an annual porn festival called “HUMP!”

Savage’s former program on MTV, Savage U, which was aimed at children as young as 12, won the Parents Television Council’s Worst Cable TV Show of the Week award in 2012 for “normalizing and even glamorizing meaningless, casual promiscuity while claiming that it is advocating ‘responsibility’.”

“These examples are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Dan Savage’s hateful behavior. How is this comedic?” Bozell and Perkins asked Sherwood.

“Knowing what you know now, do you still plan on airing the sitcom?” they added. “If you do, Disney will be associated with the hate language of this uncivil figure since Disney will be endorsing it.”

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