Archdiocese to Hold 'Holy Hour' Prayers Against Satanic 'Mass' in OKC on Sept. 21

By Eric Scheiner | September 19, 2014 | 1:53 PM EDT


Archbishop Paul Coakley, head of the Catholic archdiocese of Oklahoma City.

( -- The Catholic Archdiocese of Oklahoma City will be holding an Eucharistic Holy Hour and Procession in advance of a Black Mass being held by a satanic group at the city’s civic center this Sunday, Sept. 21.

In a statement titled, “The Hour Has Come” Archbishop Paul Coakley says, “Even though our city leaders apparently do not take this threat seriously, I do. As a Catholic priest and bishop I have witnessed in my ministry the battle between forces of good and evil in both ordinary and extraordinary ways.”

The Archdiocese will hold the event at the St. Francis of Assisi Church on Sept. 21 beginning at 3:00 p.m.

“We will prayerfully bear witness to our faith as an expression of our solidarity and in reparation for acts of blasphemy,” Coakley says.

As previously reported, The Black Mass of Oklahoma, being offered by the group Dakhma of Angra Mainyu, is scheduled to take place in the Civic Center Music Hall on the evening of Sept. 21.

According to the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu website the Black Mass is, “to celebrate the perversion of the Catholic Mass still seen in society today.”

“The Black Mass being performed at the Okc (sic) Civic Center has been toned downed as to allow it to be performed in a public government building.  The authenticity and purpose of the Black Mass will remain in tact while allowing for slight changes so that a public viewing can occur without breaking Oklahoma's laws based on nudity, public urination, and other sex acts.”

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“This ordeal in our community has been ongoing for nearly three months,” Archbishop Coakley says in his statement.

“In spite of our apparent inability to prevent this sacrilegious event from taking place, I am grateful for a number of blessings that have accrued through this trial. I am grateful for the significant legal victory that allowed us to regain possession of the consecrated Host that would have been desecrated during the Black Mass.”

Coakley is discouraging protestors from engaging with those at the Black Mass.

“I am aware that other groups are planning to show their opposition to the blasphemous event that evening at the Civic Center. I urgently ask everyone to avoid confrontations with those who might oppose them,” he says.

“Our witness ought to be reverent, respectful and peaceful. I urge those who might plan to attend the black mass in order to pray or to protest not to do so! Please do not enter the venue. It would be presumptuous and dangerous to expose oneself or others to these evil influences.”

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